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2011 is the Year of the Golden Rabbit - a good year for old friends. And, it is a year for rabbit to partner with dog.

Great historical figures like Zheng He should be considered- as water is an element missing in 2011; along with earth - who travelled many seas with massive ships some 60 years before Columbus launched his voyages to seek out the "China route".

Most historians have concluded that Zheng He did not venture to North America / Turtle Island North. But, there are records of some monks from China having landed upon the Americas over the last 5000 years.

Therefore, Gaia-Watts and partner STT welcome the opportunities to introduce the SVS-IHHI projects our families and friends globally; and, in particular, to China and other nations of Asia.

Canada / Turtle Island North is evolving as a state nation. There is much to understand yet about history and colonization. Plus, there remains a great many issues for all cultures and Peoples of earth to come to understand about our places in history - both past and future.

Establish Embassy Houses At STT CSQQ

Gaia-Watts' financial associates STT [Sthuy'shen 'Telew T-hw] and IIIB : International Immigration Investment Bank have developed a business strategy since 1960; through which invitations to establish embassy relations with STT at the CSQQ territories embraces the spirit of land and resource stewardship of the ICE Federation.

The SVS-IHHI Template

The GWE template is structured to acquire a massive block of existing green sustainable energy resources [P1-factor] for electric power production - to develop and distribute 100,000 Mwe of electric power throughout North America [representing 10% of the power demand]. This production will originate at the 600 SVS-IHHI projects. Carbon credits are a principal asset of the financial planning; as is nutrition production and affordable health care through contemporary and holistic healing. Intellectual property management is a core factor.

Each SVS-IHHI project will attract $3-Billion CDN investment; produce 30 Mwe of electric power [sufficient for 30,000 people]; and, create a market valuation energy resource base of $2-Billion.

GWE plans to see 20-million people immigrate to Canada over the next 20 years [during which time 20% of the existing population will perish].

Extreme Climate Change

It is common wisdom that our Earth constantly migrates through severe and moderate geological and climatic extremes. And, these next 100 years will be significantly disasterous for peoples on all continents. Canada will likely experience a rise in temperatures that will be hospitable to crop production. Currently, our 35-Million population base in ratio to volume of land mass is an inviting scenario to host a massive immigration influx. Skilled workers will be reqiured to create new industry; energy resources and evolving technologies will be attracted to Canada's territories.

Outstanding Political Resolutions

The monarchical political regime of Canada is not alone as a nation state that has an outstanding burden to settle with the indigenous Peoples. There are the legacies of the Indian Residential School and Day School Victims Settlement Claims - and, of those of their siblings. The ICE Template is an offer to resolve these claims being submitted to the United Nations Credentials Committee [challenging the legitimacy of Elizabeth II Canada as a state nation - indigenous Peoples argue for allodial titles being paramount to Elizabeth II's claim].


GWE LINKS establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens

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