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January 25th, 2012


Dear Mister Frank Lee & Kit Wong, P.Eng [Lt Cmdr r’td]


Thank you for receiving and reviewing this dossier regarding the business practises and initiatives of Gaia-Watts and STT associates.


In this presentation we wish you to better understand

·        Who we are

·        What we do; and,

·        How this relates to youand your interests / & / where we go from here


Huy’ch’qu’ : thank you : Xiè Xie … Dwo Je :



CAPITALIZATION________________________________________________________ WHO WE ARE


STT is the acronym for Sthuy’shen ‘Telew T-hw : The Honourable Money House.


The STT history arises through two portals : (1) Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation[TACC]  and (2) The Pawnee Nation of OklahomaBank(1993)  [Appendix “C”]


Chief Dennis Alphonse of Cowichan Tribesfounded TACC as an aboriginal bank; as well as founding the Union of BC Indian Chiefs.


Ruby Peteris the cousin of Dennis Alphonse; and, both are hereditary chiefs. Dennis passed away in 2004; and, now his brother, Harvey Alphonse is Cowichan Chief. Ruby Peter is chief of Quamichan Nation. Cowichan Tribesis the most populace of BC First Nations Reserves.


Mrs. Peter is CEO of STT. Her daughter Bernadette [‘Lil Ruby] is retired RCMP; and, heads the STT Due Diligence Team.


Ralph Goodwin, adopted by Ruby Peter, is President of Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd; Chair of the civil rights Touchstone Committee; and, General Legal Counsel to STT.


In Year 2000, Ralph Goodwin signed the Irrevocable Associate Agreement with the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Bank (1993); which provides Goodwin with the global capacity to establish branch offices. This Agreement was lodged into Gaia-Watts as an integral facet of its capitalization methods. Gaia-Watts and STT are associates.


ASSET ACQUISITIONS  __________________________________________________ WHAT WE DO


In 1979, Gaia-Watts - through its founding companies, Canadian Biomass Energies Corp; Canadian Biomass Consultants Ltd; and, Canadian Biomass Capital Corporation – developed a successful energy program named The Integrated Resource management of Biomass [IRMB] ©.


Through 1989 –1990, Ralph Goodwin negotiated with the Canadian Biomass Group Of Companies founder Ernest Russell Goodwin, a series of electric energy projects in Canada. The capitalization demand for these projects was $500 Million.  Ralph Goodwin, as President of Canadian Biomass Capital Corporation [CBCC] negotiated through European banks for these capital funding requirements.


ER Goodwin (deceased 2004) was an international consultant (since 1960) on biomass technologies for energy and industry.


The IRMB© Business Plan schematic for funding these projects established a unique process of securing Power Purchase Agreements, energy resources; proven electric power development technologies [ORC]; and, attaining rights to leverage these energy assets for funding. Through this matrix it was possible to:

  • Acquire these energy assets; Power Purchase Agreements [PPA, all licenses, permits and approvals to be in place for <$500,000]
  • With the above in place, this created [with the 25-year roll-over PPAs] a secured valuation of the P1-Factor energy resource base per 30-Mwe Project of $2 Billion
  • These IRMB© [now titled SVS-IHHI©] were capable of securing contracts within <90 days; and, developing in-service power facilities in <48 weeks
  • Gaia-Watts has developed a program [arising from the intellectual properties established during the 1960 –1990 origination period] to acquire rights to the Canada-wide P1-Factor Energy Resource Base within <12 months


This IRMB© / SVS-IHHI© system in Year 1990 is  capable of generating sustainable green electricity energy @ <1/2 cost of natural gas; while also producing Carbon Capture Credits. Each project acquires a P1-Factor energy resource base capable to continuous Mwe for >100 years. Canada can support 600 IRMB© / SVS-IHHI© systems. The valuation of P1-Factor proven resources in Canada is >$3Trillion. These are labour-intensive / high-tech green projects.


Linking these IRMB© / SVS-IHHI© systems with aboriginal indigenous Peoples significantly increases the financial benefits of these 30-Mwe / Greenhouse / Biomass R&D Projects; in particular, due to our incorporation of the Health Care Centres; and, the non-taxation status of First Nations Projects [650 Canadian sites].





Section One: Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd : GWE : SVS-IHHI : Survival Villages

Only proven technologies are incorporated into these SVS-IHHI© 2012> Projects.


The ORC systems – proven in oil refineries since the 1950s became our core generation technology; linked with fluidized bed gasifiers.


The SVS-IHHI© has three stages: (a) Electric Power; (2) Closed-Loop Greenhouses; and, R&D Biomass Centres : with the Health Care / Hospital as the central business plan: i.e.,


Section Two: TAA Johnsen, Special Forces, R’td [please see Appendix “A” and “E”]


Thomas AA Johnsen - as a retired Canadian, US, British Special Forces; with an International Masters Millwright Certification – has developed H2O energy technologies for international combustion engines.


Section Three: Denis M Ledoux, Scientist / Patent Holder [please. See Appendix “B”]


Ms. Ledoux holds many international patents has developed fixed cellular technologies; wherein, maximization of energy potential is developed.


Note: Appendix “F” relates to ATCO Group : Construction & Energy Company

OPTIONS  ________________________________________________  WHERE WE GO FROM HERE


Today, China – and, the global community – has a specific option regarding foreign investment :

1.     Bring the resources to China; or,

2.     Bring China to the resources      NOTE:Appendix “D” Victoria Chinatown


Gaia-Watts, since 1979, has examined the critical nature of extreme climate change; and, its impending impact upon 300 million people living along continental coastal regions – who will be dislocated due to rising sea levels as the polar caps melt down : 2/3 of the world’s fresh water resides below the Antarctica.


We suggest that Canada – an expansive nation with a low population ratio – should host an immigration influx over the next 20 years of between 15 –20 million people.


Gaia-Watts developed the SVS-IHHI IRMB© Systems as a reasonable program to:

1.     mitigate extreme climate change through the commercial use of natural CH4/ methane : P1-factor[Canada’s existing volume ]


Our  IIIB[International Immigration Investment Bank] is linked with STT and our associated PBO [Pawnee Bank of Oklahoma 1993]. This STT GROUP possesses unique financial [banking / insurance / bonds] capabilities. The PBO rights were grandfathered by the US government / and, President’s Office in 1996. In Canada, Gaia-Watts / STT [via our R&D Group] sustains international banking regulations  compliances through the Bank of Nova Scotia.


STT – is an aboriginal indigenous bank located on a federal First Nations reserve [CSQQN / CT642] ; where interest earned on deposits is not taxable : as is the regulated right of the PBO 1993.


Our GWE / STT / IIIB submission to our Gatekeeper Portal Frank Lee is that there are considerable & unique business opportunities to be developed between the Victoria Chinese Peoples and the aboriginal indigenous Peoples of Turtle island North / North America.


We endorse a Finders-Fee Principle [ICC standards]; which we advocate is available to all those who come to us via the Frank Lee Portal [FLP] – including China’s public and private sectors. All agreements are regulated via the International Chamber Of Commercestandards / all dispute resolution is via this ICC body.



OPTIONS  ________________________________________  WHERE WE GO FROM HERE (cont’d)


Victoria Chinatown and its Peoples

The Right To Renovate v. Heritage Restrictions

It is here that we begin to unravel the rights and obligations matrix of citizens of Victoria, BC, Canada; who are distinguished as being those who are descendants of individuals and families who came to this land; and, established the site of the oldest Chinatown in Canada – and, the second oldest Chinese domestic and business centre in North America.


There is a presumed right that is earned through the  hard years of work and dedication to community.


Canada has not originally displayed good respect in matters of immigration from China – as has also occurred with other cultures who emigrated here with hope for  a better way of life. Nor, has Canada respected aboriginal indigenous Peoples.


Today, Victoria enjoys many features of relatively good climate, attractive location; a rich multi-cultural community; and, reasonable prosperity.


Therefore, the question appears important to consider : “To what reasonable degree should a city’s Heritage Bylawinfluence the investment and asset rights of a citizen / or, citizens who are vested property owners?”


Further, is it possible that a Business Development Plan can be constructed that will preserve this matter of “heritage”; while, also, ensuring that the historic value investment by the owners is respected : i.e., Fair Market Value & Fair Market Opportunity ?


Gaia-Watts Group, respectfully, offers, herein that :

·        Yes, both can reasonably be achieved within the code; and, within the individual citizenry and business rights

·        Further, we suggest that this Lee-Peter Gatekeeper Protocol provides the clear mechanism to bring success to fruition of a unique 2012 – 2015 Chinatown Development Plan[see Appendix “D”] that will become an international showcase similar to no other outside of China

·        We have detailed for your consideration – in preliminary scope – the Principal Concept in Appendix “D” : i.e., Capitalization for this Plan is premised upon Victoria Chinatown development being secured through a Gaia-Watts Group – Chinatown Citizens Financial Syndicate : GWG : CCF Group
 establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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