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October 3rd, 2010                                                                                                                       File SVS.IHHI.10032007CT
1.      Coast Salish Nations Peoples are among the oldest, prevailing state-nation governing bodies in the world; having established and continued to harvest, protect and honour the gifts of the Creator on the west coast of North Turtle Island {North America} for more than 10,000 years. A syndicate of individual land title rights has been structured; and, is collectively represented as the entity VIP4 Group
2.      Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd [GWE] is a private company incorporated in the province of British Columbia as a developer and management company of community-based energy, nutrition, health care and habitat projects designed for sustaining the extreme evolutions of climate change through a series of enterprises structured to provide a sustaining parochial economy. Gaia-Watts is the current corporate body arising from a series of public and private companies since 1960.
3.      These two corporate entities [VIP4 Group and GWE] have now entered into a collaborative Development Agreement; through which there will be a recovery of lands currently being operated as a public venue sewage lagoon. And, within this decommissioning process there will arise a structured Survival Villages System International Holistic Healing Institute [SVS-IHHI], that will also function as an immigration clearing house portal for skilled trades and professional services seeking to acquire Canadian Citizenship
4.      The Agreement between The Coast Salish Nations Cowichan Tribes Peoples who possess land rights for the siting of this SVS-IHHI and the developing company Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd [GWE] is structured through both traditional indigenous oral protocol and contemporary legalese text; and, utilizes the International Chamber of Commerce [ICC] format for contracts and dispute resolutions. Canadian domestic law does not form a division within the framework of this SVS-IHHI Agreement 2007
5.      The SVS-IHHI Agreement 2007 shall create a center for training and healing from the perspectives of global traditional indigenous practices and the contemporary sciences of technologies. The core intent of the SVS-IHHI 2007 is to establish a focus on the ability to create more substantial general body health in the populace
6.      The incorporation of the preservation and promotion of the declining wealth of indigenous languages and their body of knowledge will form the cardinal principals of seeking to provide a progressive healing of the body and the earth; as the ethic of this SVS-IHHI [and, the subsequent establishment of other similar projects throughout Canada] is to recognize our commitment to land stewardship , as well as to human health
7.      The SVS-IHHI enterprise is a closed-loop development that will incorporate existing, proven and environmentally leading technologies and protocol that supports a self-sustaining community; including a closed-loop solid and liquid waste treatment facility
8.      This GWE SVS-IHHI VIP4Group project has included within its engineering parameters the capacity to accept Third Party liquid waste streams as may exist from the surrounding communities of both the Cowichan Tribes and the non-native sectors
9.      This SVS-IHHI development is a Public-Private Partnership {PPP} that is, also, a for-profit humanitarian enterprise structured upon maximizing employment and training opportunities
10. This Survival Villages Systems project is committed toward a successful relationship with surrounding communities; and, has structured its agreements under the ICC protocol through a sincere effort to provide an apolitical, business-oriented environment, through which private and public enterprises may be developed within both traditional and contemporary templates with the least amount of conflict and the desired absence of arbitration or mediation services being required throughout its operations history
SVS-IHHI Contact Offices :
Managing Director: Ralph Charles Goodwin   TEL 250.746.0929          e-mail
Legal Counsel: Peter Lockhart Gordon Telephone 250.748.0171       e-mail

VIP4 Group : Negotiations Team Leader : Ric Kuecks   250.882.8042   e-mail establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


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