Money Values And Respect For Earth

Our respect for Earth and its bountiful provisions is best refelcted through action, rather than mere words.

Writers, such as Robert Costanza, have expressed these elements and their relationship to human activities; and, have devised a "Value-of-Earth" format in order to develop some common method of viewing the finite event of depletion.

And, if we adopt Medicine Wheel mode, through which we will filter events that life or death impacts upon our survival; then, we will attain a more comprehensive capacity to mainatin our life here on Earth - but, also, we will establish the potential to visit the stars: we shall be migratory and nomadic; and, venture forth ...

We are all indigenous peoples of Earth.

The commonality of required life-sustaining provisions may lead us forward; and, into adopting a Gaia-Currency.

We ask that you quickly refer to our information page on this Gaia-Currency before proceeding to review our philosophical statements of application below.

Thank you; and, we do hope that you will join with us in this universal land stewardship program to sustain life on Earth.

Cha-Ching Cha-Ching; and, into the 22nd Century with a sense of worthy accomplishment.

In our efforts to manage the finite resources of Earth, we have adopted a series of competing currencies - money and assets.

In structuring some statement about these issues of being cautious about the depletion of Earth's habitability, we compose expressions of concern - we inventory these resources; and, create a stock market mechanism to determine the valuation of commodities.

The Gaia-Currency is designed and implemented as a global and universal vehicle for the general population.

The IIMH - International Indigenous Merchant House - was structured to provide a non-hierarchical currency and commodity house that also directly relates to the extreme climate changes that are unfolding over this Earth.

Professor James Lovelock was a focal member of the NASA team that was chosen to analyze the potentials for life on Mars. They began by examining life on Earth. And, through these interpretations there evolved the Gaia Hypothesis.

The Gaia-Currency has been designed to harvest the wisdom of Lovelock's hypothesis.

Today we can migrate through commercial ignorance and into ethical awareness; and, from there we possess the ability to create mitigation.

Strangely enough, we simultaneously can be a global people of defense and non-aggression - without inordinately depleting our natural resources.

We are the water planet. And, we are in jeopardy; just like the polar bear.

The records of the previous unfolding of massive, global Ice Ages will attest to the extreme climatic changes that will no envelope our lives during this century.

22% of our human population will perish through natural mortality. And, there will be further extreme human strife through warfare, as we migrate away frome existing coastal regions due to rising water levels.

And, the required volumes of our primary crops of rice and wheat will perilously diminish as Earth's capacity to provide arable lands withers through our inductrial / commecial ignorance and obstinacy.

We will move with the rising walls of ice; migrating closer to the equatorial zones - to within 15 degrees of latitude zero - and, our global populations will level out to within 2.5 billion people.

The Gaia-Currency is based upon the existing relationship between three hosts: The Universe, the Sun; and, the Earth.

It is inevitable that our Earth will become inhospitable to our survival here. Even if we could unlock the bounds of logic and common sense, we will remain a warring species; who consumes and roams.

We have developed some valuable clothes of respect and humility. And, generally, we are a well-intentioned form of life. But, we will always be defensive. There is only life against death.

Hence, if we are to demonstrate this 21st century that we can learn by the study of history; then, we shall again become innocents as with babes. And, therein, we shall find patience through a conspiracy of respect - which Coast Salish peoples name Siem'Stum.

Human survival has evolved with fire. We have taken up the task of learning about combustion. And, we must find trust in ourselves to honour the polar bear' struggle as being our fight as well.

The hul'qumi'num "Gus Wen Tah" translates as Peace-Trust-Friendship.

Perhaps, this phrase offers us a way to move successfully through this time period and into the 22nd Century with something akin to universal peace. This is not likely, but it is certainly worthy of some global reflection.



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