Greenpeace Activism
Gaia-Watts  Environmental Projects

Gaia-Watts' environmental activism is rooted in establishing extreme-engineered Survival Village Systems.

Our core Mission endeavors are secured within four principal business motives:

  1. Development of Holistic Healing Centres
  2. Maintaining a corporate growth capacity through international finance
  3. Environmental sustainability in development of energy resources; principally, through electric power generation by fusion technologies; and
  4. Labour-intensive business development of the Survival Villages that focuses upon sustaining employee intellectual property evolutions {Research & Development}.

Gaia-Watts endorses the Polluter Pays Principle: PPP.

We have accepted that the global food-chain is in critical jeopardy. And, it is our vision that the Earth is now transforming through an evolutionary phase into another blanket of the historical Ice Age envelope that will cause major human population migration due to rising sea levels.

Gaia-Watts is also an indigenous-based corporation that seeks out good land stewardship - and, is, also, a company with a global mission to establish a more parochial self-sufficiency outside of the carbon fuel based economies.

We recognize the principle spheres of influence : Banks - Military - Church. And, we pointedly pursue the exposure and remediation of those abuses of authority where they occur.

The creation of our internal and public financial institutions has been a key ingredient in establishing our capacity to survive opposition. And, we utilize these financial tools in our development of these Survival Village Systems (SVS).

Respect for the integrity of the Earth's resources through an adoption of good business stewardship has been our mandate since 1960.

The genius of our human population will find ethical methods and industrial technologies through which we will maintain a dominion over our Earth - if dominion is what we seek out through this mastery of body politic.

The evolutionary intellect of human endeavors will migrate through this 21st Century; and, will successfully develop acceptable commercial practices that do not consume a ratio of natural products that is greater than the recovery rate of Earth's natural capacity.

Gaia-Watts is an optimistic corporation. We presume goodness will survive ignorance and Machiavellian greed.

The (our core strategy body) incorporates strategies that challenge traditional hierarchical ruler-ship. We support the contention that a principle ethical / loving intellectual relationship with Mother Earth (Gaia) will provide us with the guideposts that will assist us in determining a true course of balanced relationship with our Earth's capacity to sustain life.

The President and CEO of Gaia-Watts is a Greenpeace activist.

Gaia-Watts is satisfied that Greenpeace - although having become a mega-corporate entity - still has the capacity to manage the greatest global influence of creating public awareness to environmental tragedies.

Further, Gaia-Watts endorses the protection of original indigenous allodial possession of lands and resources.

We understand the gift of having a true conversation with Mother Earth. And, we do seek to have others develop the patience to listen to these breaths of wisdom and care that exist for us to hear and understand.

Ruby Peter is a person of great influence in the annals of healing. She possesses the gifts of cautious wisdom combined with the absolute vigor of truthfulness. She is an Elder within the Coast Salish Nation. And she concentrates upon preservation of indigenous languages; especially, as related to the traditional wisdoms of communication with nature for learning the healing techniques.

Gaia-Watts is fortunate to have both personal and corporate relationships with the STT Foundation and the Peace & Harmony Trust.

STT (Sthuy'shen 'Telew T-hw Foundation  ) is an indigenous corporation that was formed through a desire to demonstrate good environmental ethic and solid, leading financial wisdom.

The Peace & Harmony Trust was established in honour of children. And, it prevails in an ethic of supporting education: both traditional and contemporary.

Ric Kuecks - a biologist - is a principal party within the STT Foundation corporate house in developing and maintaining the STT focus on securing a working relationship between indigenous and non-aboriginal peoples and businesses.

Fresh water resources and waste mitigation are core mandates. The solid and liquid waste streams are combined with the opportunities of ancillary industries and commercial applications. And, Ric Kuecks manages the business development of internal business folders.

It is through these fundamental commitments to maintaining the integrity of Earth's environmental balance and capacity to provide for human activities that Gaia-Watts leads with groups like the STT Foundation in bringing forth education, finance and technologies for the development of the Survival Village Systems.

Gaia-Watts and the STT Foundation have established links with the international financial sectors with the specific purpose of providing both Macro and Micro funding throughout the world to the indigenous and general communities for economic development within a core commitment to the balanced environmental ethic. establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


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