Individual Hope & The Canoe

Respectfully addressed to the Assembly Of First Nations

The egg, once broken, has only a future. And, now we will ensure its bounty is met with respect. Original Peoples will harness principal economic resources for trade and commerce. And, the general population of all cultures of these lands will mutually share in the bounty as two canoes travel through common waters: Gus Wen Tah.

Hope is a vehicle that transports us beyond despair and abandonment, and, into a field of choices. We may elect to avoid these choices. There will also be impacts upon our lives through the choices of others. We are not an island unto our own. Life on Earth is a blessing from birth to death. And, our legacy will be eternally etched by our initiative with these choices.

Today, as in each previous day, you and I will focus our energies upon the issues of survival - without a specific plan beyond life. And, hence, as with the egg, once the shell has been broken, our only course of action is to proceed with a best-efforts agenda.

The revolutionary event in this scenario occurs when the spectrum of choice unfolds with its enticing flavours and spices. The egg may become nourishment; or, it may decay and rot with an overwhelming ugly stench.

Currency - as a commodity - will cause chaos in our lives; and, we will be subject to the periodic whims of others who will establish the rules that will govern our access to this commodity of social interaction. And, therein, we will choose to be pawn or player.

Elders and children will form the boundaries of our choices. And the embrace of society will be the canoe. The eagle will observe our pathways as we pull our way through the foaming rapids; where hidden boulders wait to greet us with resounding thunder as our hull strikes upon their unrelenting masses. 

Tomorrow is the breath of inspiration; when opportunity and decision-making combine to capture the realms of elective change. This is when currency and the canoe collaborate with an effort to cause a shift in the traditional way; while maintaining respect for cultural legacies and accepting the wisdom that comes with patience.

By definition, currency will be a potpourri of elements: political suasion, economic clout through resource development, strategic positioning of domestic and international commercial allies; the truth of history where the evolution of public opinion melds traditional passion with the honouring of natural rights and justice - for the good of the whole.

Gaia-Watts and our SVS.group associates respectfully propose the following:

  • Whereas, this historical evolution of the constitutional Canada and its provinces and territories is marred by deceit and corruption arising from hierarchical ancestral attitudes that formed military, commercial and theological alliances for trade and conquest of Turtle Island; and,
  • Hence, the compassionate, contemporary hereditary and colonial nations that mutually occupy these lands today - while striving to achieve Peace, Trust and Friendship for all cultures who choose to inhabit these lands - shall respect historical parameters of international law in matters of resources and real estate
  • Therefore, a new equity of constitutional accord shall be incorporated into the constitutional statement of governance of North Turtle Island. And, this common equity shall create a mutual trust among the peoples; wherein, land stewardship dominates the corporate choices of these governing parties.

In Summary, Indigenous Peoples shall harness development rights to significant energy resources in Turtle Island; and, shall negotiate sharing of benefits and responsibilities Terms and Conditions with the general public within a reasonable time.

The parameters for these constitutional Terms & Conditions shall be set forth by Indigenous Peoples, as original stewards of these lands, through an International Commission for Peace Trust & Friendship.

Gaia-Watts offers its specific internal corporate resource development information  forward to this constitutional reform process as a humanitarian gesture, with the intent that Gus Wen Tah may again rise to the surface as the leading socio-economic ethic of the peoples of Turtle Island.

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