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Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 3:49 PM
Subject: SVS:PPP : beyond Arnie

Dear Premier Campbell

The question of the selective avoidance of the $6 Trillion sustainable energy asset base

If you collaborate the Ministries of BC into a Triple P entrepreneurship vessel it would be spelled SVS – and, it would survive the advent of the forthcoming extreme climate changes.

Asset accumulation / sustainable electric power energy / immigration, housing, education, health, transportation, 3P … For more than 45 years our has been active in educating the public and developing the private and the public sector about sustainability.

In 1995, when we approached the municipal corporations on Vancouver Island there was a resounding silence from the civic leaders. In fact, the CVRD passed a bylaw prohibiting staff from receiving any further information from one of our company.

The scholarly writings on aboriginal traditional law by Judge Christine Zuni Cruz2  : this is our way of livingevokes a model of the tripartitism that Liberals used to be proficient at promoting through fellows such as Chuck Connaghan . Gus Wen Tah says it all ; Peace Trust & Friendship.


When California was in the electric pricing review of the 90’s, I wrote to the Gray Davis, Governor of California, inviting his state into a stronger collaboration with Canadian resources, suggesting that the sustainable resources in North America could provide electric power markets with renewable sustainability. I had offered the same counsel to the Governor of Texas {I was still in Alberta at the time} … The suggestion was that they forego their US affiliation in favour of joining Canada

The nub of this diatribe is as follows:

  1. Be the Leader of Triple-P programs utilizing proven technologies; with a fusion energy R&D program; implementing patents held by a Victoria resident
  2. Be the Leader who demonstrates that closed-loop sewage remediation in Victoria can lead to innovations that will reduce health care cost significantly – not only here, but globally;
  3. And, be the Leader who empathizes with the privatization of major populated habitats – SVS – where the links will be fashioned to develop the intercontinental mag-Lev connectors through the Triple-P format

Theoretically, this could help us bring our troops home sooner.

Oh yes, about the $6-Trillion sustainable electric power resource – it is here in Canada; it is proven : we possess half of the known global volume: it is a major contributor to ozone depletion; it exists in all provinces and territories; it can produce electric power @ ½ the cost of natural gas / with lower environmental impact; and, it is 90% fresh water; covering 130 million hectares of our nation; and, when incorporated into our SVS template, there is the added advantage of CERs.

At my age, there is very little remaining to accomplish. But, it would be good for this century to move ahead and beyond the fossil fuel industry and into fusion. I can say that since my primary incomes since 1964 have generally been derived from the oil industry.

Think of it this way:

  • In the Cowichan Valley there is a farmer’s field that possesses the equivalent green energy base of 40-million barrels of oil. There are several of these field resources in British Columbia. Proven technology could deliver this resource to a generation plant for less than $.50 / 6-million BTU. This plant, alone could generate 5% of the energy evaporating in the BCTC grid through transmission line loss. In Canada, we have proposed generating 21,000 megawatts at 700 private villages, housing 21 million new citizens over the next 20 years – all outside the existing corridors of major population bases. These cities will specialize in healing technologies, serums and practices. The residual asset bases can finance the Mag-Lev interconnectors. The plan is to run these connectors via lateral and longitudinal grids from South America, through North America, China, India and Africa and into western Europe by land and by sea.
  • There will be floating closed-loop cities of 30,000 population bases <see, Freedomship , Pyramid2000; and, the Shimizu’s City in a Pyramid >
  • Governor Schwarzenegger owns an SUV with hemp upholstery
  • Premier Campbell could run his own vehicle on Chrysler-Ballard electric power, energized via nematode flatulence.

SVS is a palindrome; L.I.F. is a mobius loop. BC could the forward thinker for the House of Socio-Economic-Ethics: a tripartism.

Summary: Our Proposal:

·        Three farms on Vancouver Island <one in Saanich, two in the Cowichan Valley: one on fee simple and one on allodial aboriginal land> should be linked with an energy / health SVS template: a Tripartite R&D Program qualified as a Green Program under Kyoto; the asset base attached to these projects before the habitat developments for the total 90,000 population would be in excess of $3-Billion; energy capitalization would require $100-Million for 90 Mwe(3 x 30); Electric power and hydroponic greenhouses would net out at $24-Million per annum; employing 900 people full-time; CERs additional revenue base. Additionally, there would be a CRD program to create revenue streams through the sewage remediation <high potential in lowering health care costs; plus, generating new revenues through products and licensing fees>. Total asset base when habitats completed to be in excess of $30-B. This is not Rocket science. All of the above is based upon proven technologies and accredited procedures.


Regards, Ralph Charles Goodwin : CEO : Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd

463 Garden Street , Duncan, BC, Canada  V9L 3V7

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