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Gaia-Watts has now entered into the energy envelope of FUSION generation and supply. 2018 is mandated as the Year Of Paradigm Shift (YP2018). We have elected to include the sciences of nuclear fusion within our series of closed-loop Survival Vilages Systems (SVS) projects throughout Canada as the Phase One of an international stagegate mission that will be accomplished over the next three decades. D-T Fusion and plasma R&D will fashion our impetus. It is imperative to appreciate the environmental impact variances between fusion versus fission. With the right applications, fusion nucleation is clean energy : abundant as a resource and is essentially without adverse environmental impact (i.e., clean and renewable).

The prevailing question is, "Who will control this fusion industry ?" Is this rresource abaundant : Clinical analysis? Resource information resource : Acoustical Science Society of America. And, it is relevant to review Tesla's understanding of these fusion matters; as well examining this within the context of the Planck law..

We have not abandoned the traditional energy producing technologies that we incorporated into our projects since the mid-80's. But, today, we must examine and adopt the evolutionary mechanisms of sonoluminescence (2018 Update Report) and its array of applications in cavitation sciences. And, it is imperative to fully understand the mechanism of absolute zero (2,3); and, of course, absolute HOT ! (Plancks' temperature) : note: CPEP : YTCosmology.

It will be the inclusion of fusion energy production 2.4 into the combined SVS and Mag-Lev IMLC that will create both the economic viability of these individual enterprises and the combined success of establishing core healing centers with parochial habitat sustainability in the event of the proclaimed extreme climate changes that will be unfolding over the globe during the next century. It is time to ensure that our progeny may survive and thrive.

The international ITER programs have been concentrating upon technological advances that will produce equipment technologies that will sustain the enormous energy that is produced during fusion {see, update,4}. It is, necessary to understand cosmic rays in relation to Earth'slightning events - as well as, reviewing our unfolding knowledge of cosmic nucleatic of molecules.

The traditional concepts of developing quality and reliable electric power are gradually sliding into the folds of history; and, therein, are now providing a lucrative field of opportunity for the ventures that science and technology have been patiently waiting for to arrive and encounter both funding and power purchase agreements.

FUSION has the potential of establishing a realm of innovations that will be wider and more generally applicable than those of Tesla's energy developments. And, it is as necessary to understand these sciences, as it is to rationalize the sustainable energy potentials of borax and CH4 and their relationships to our living planet: 

The generation of affordable and environmentally-beneficial electric power through sonochemistry is a new science with an old application - resonance.

Life On Earth is clinically defined through the terms of Phylogeny  which provides us with the understanding of our biosphere.

Electric power energy is a combination of the physics of inter-galactic resources arriving into earth's atmosphere through forms such as lightning storms; as well as those power generation systems that we choose to manufacture through human ingenuity.

The industrial corporate capacity to construct electric power generation infrastructures and inter-connection facilities enables our social order to flourish. YPS2007 seeks to inject a Third Order into the fusion industry by moving beyond science and technologies, to now include the realms of para-normal.

There are the contemporary classic sciences of deductive reasoning; controlled clinical tests; and, peer examination and review. And, we now wish to induce the matter of calling upon intuition, and shape-shifting (or, as Merlin would prefer, alchemy). The transmutation of elements is not uncommon in modern chemistry fields: lead can be turned into gold.

And, therefore, our efforts will be to utilize existing science procedures and evolving technologies to generate controllable fusion within an affordable environment.

The fusion reactions of the Sun can be sustained within a field that will survive its effects. And, contemporary industry can produce fusion generation systems that will be implemented into the private and public sectors - without devastating the existing economic structures. (see attached slide show)

We still mainatin an advocacy to the somewhat provocative prognostications of Dr. James Lovelock (of the Gaia Hypothesis) ... even when he is occaisionally criticized. And, biomass is still our core mantra ... we ARE a LIVING planet. And, this combination of photosynthesis and biomass is what we perceive as being at the root of our evolving success in interplanetary exploration.

ITER has incorporated the natural fusion techniques of Earth, Sun and the universe; and, is a combined application of the mechanics of the applied sciences of intellect and intuition. YPS2007 seeks to now incorporate these energy production principles into our industrial and commercial enterprises through our closed-loop electric power generation templates in the survival villages.

We will formulate our technological innovations through a commitment to honor the majesty of the gifts of Earth. We come to the table, foremost, as stewards of the land. And, it is, therein, our goal to establish parochial sustaining habitat that will thrive even in the event of extreme climate changes. And, we invite you to join us in this celebration.

Truly, there is no greater satisfaction than in coming to understand the simple truths that come to us freely; and, simply by taking the time to understand the significant principles of creation - its alchemy and consistency.

Again, nuclear fusion is merely an expression of combinations. And, that is what makes the universe.

Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd advocates a development of these nuclear fusion potentials through a mixed economy of private and public entities; and, the for-profit and humanitarian enterprises - which is where we  stand.

Whimsy: The comments are generally that there is no achievable field below absolute zero – but, at what point does cold become hot ? if the theory of curved space is a reality then absolute cold and absolute hot must at some point converge {the universe is flat} in curved space two // lines do meet . (see, also, cryogenics)

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