The Book Of Wealth
For The Good Of The Whole
Patience has, at times, been defined as being that great skill of doing something else in the meanwhile.

"Wealth", herein, shall be considered not only to be nourishment of the soul through good deeds; but, further - and, most importantly - shall be marked by a greater capacity for you to adequately provide for your family in tangible means of shelter, nourishment, security, education and inspiration.

And, your patience in reading through these following comments will be rewarded with a final realization by you that there are truly still effective ways existing by which you may play a direct role in substantially altering the courses of human evolution in a positive and compassionate way which will, also, be substantially in harmony and greater balance with the existing and future provisions of nature.

Are you ready for this - are you ready to commit your passion and intestinal fortitude to the task and responsibility of redirecting the accumulation of wealth to effect a wider and more diverse impact upon the standards of living in the lives of more people ?

Are you ready for this - are you ready to commit your passion and intestinal fortitude to the task and responsibility of redirecting the accumulation of wealth to effect a wider and more diverse impact upon the standards of living in the lives of more people ?

Do you truly accept human evolution toward a more generic social order - one which still preserves and protects individuality; while also generating a wider spectrum of provisions toward a larger participating audience ?

If you do so aspire and commit your creative spirit and physical energy; then, that is truly a rare event.

And, you are to be applauded with the grace of humility for that commitment.

As in most great journeys of human history, the decision to accept the task and the inevitable scars that will be acquired through the trials and tribulations of migrating to a new land will remain with your soul for life; as will your great satisfaction in partaking of this tremendous task.

The following discussion is not about a cataclysmic event which will harmonize our diversity in social cultures and traditions. Nor, are we to expect that disease and violence through conspiracy and greed will wither away into dust by our mere aspiration.

You are about to enter into a realm of opportunity which is traditionally reserved only for those of established power and wealth - for it offers a vehicle of transition through which you may move mountains ... truthfully ...

The following is about energy and environment; good health and self-sufficiency through wise resource consumption - and, through these mutual and collective choices there will arise a consolidated and individual benefit for the human social order: a wide redistribution of wealth through the balancing of the consumption of resources; and, finally, a wiser consultation between all spheres of decision-making.

Certainly, the few will always manage the hierarchical protocol of major decision-making; and, there will inevitably be the bulk of the population who will resent this pyramid cal structure for affecting changes in the human social order. These are very naturally occurring events. And, there is not prolonged political structure which can substantially manage critical decision-making and policy determinations via general communal consultation and agreement.

These following disclosures and proposals are not founded upon miracles or alchemy; nor are they prescriptions for perceiving lottery numbers in advance of the roll.

Good things generally come from a dedication to work; and, are a result of patient and conservative approaches to traditional market plans: a little bit of work shall provide a little bit of wealth return.

When one assumes a task of creating changes in the traditional provisions of the established human social order there will inevitably occur overt reactions which attempt to destabilize the integrity of this evolution; as well as, being a design to create doubt within the community which is targeted for these changes. 

Individuals seldom can create social change without the majority of the effected community also discovering a way to identify with the proposed benefits of this migration from traditional provisions.

And, now, therefore, we must come to the attention of the tangible goals of the "Book Of Wealth".

We shall consider parochialism versus global consumption and provision. And, we shall detail the nature of self-sufficiency through a wiser implementation of resource development and deployment.

In most cases, herein, less will generally mean more.

Through this analysis of the reality of our needs versus the promoted articles of the general marketplace, we shall encounter some of those very topics which most media outlets will defer from discussing in either substance or regularity.

We will discuss corporate management of wealth : resources and the distribution of capital : as being the entitlement of the majority rather than the select right of the few.

Certainly, the majority of people will feel that they are entitled to a better chance to enter into the commercial marketplace; to find risk and capital asset acquisition funding with a greater ease.

Well, obviously, it isn't generally so !

Therefore, we will examine how the general consumer may enter into a corporate scheme through which individual debt and consumption may more widely be used as leverage to finance ingenuity and innovation; while also, managing the depletion of finite resources.

Obviously, with a limited resource base, humanity is restricted in the scope of wealth redistribution. We cannot convert granite mountains into fields of gold. Nor, can we harvest nourishing crops from infertile lands; nor, gather endlessly from the provisions of our oceans and seas.

Then, how can it be proposed to create a wider redistribution of wealth : assets and opportunity ?

Well, as with the seemingly endless boundaries of our universe; there is a generally boundless capacity for our Earth to adequately provide for our species with sustenance and security.

And, now we will begin to detail these potentials ...

Chapter One: Identifying Resources : establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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