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EARTH or Gaia : Home : a place with space and full of  landscape; and, a citizen of the solar system; known to be the water planet.

There is an abundance of historical, contemporary / modern; and, futuristic extreme engineering feats YT in human history. and, today there are, also, competitions.

From the legend of the  Tower of Babel to such major structures that now may be examined on resource sites such as Emporis - where you can view the erupting design and interest in reaching for the skies - the world has continued to stride toward the outer regions of the universe.

Gaia-Watts [ 1] has concentrated on the evolutionary proposal of Shimizu Corporation; which incorporates the features of siting a massive 750,000 population within a single structure that can withstand earthquakes and tsunamis - which, in our mind, leads directly back to the pyramids of Egypt and the Aztecs.

Extreme Climate Change [ ecc-1]and the question of the resulting global population migration are of a major concern to our corporate planning and the extreme engineering solutions which will be required in order to respond to the approaching chaos; and, are also, obviously, a critical matter for human social design.

The SVS { closed-loop, green communities of in excess of 10,000 persons} draws considerable intellectual information from such other projects as Shimizu's Pyramid City and the TransAmerica Tower - as well as the leading technologies from the pharaohs.

In Canada extreme engineering has its responding firms, such as Extreme Engineering Ltd , which are striving to accommodate the exploding information circles; and, which are also seeking to be in place for the wider range of business approaches that are designing a host of projects that will utilize the vast range of both natural and intellectual resources that exist in this second largest country in the world.

This is, truly, a time for extreme science, as never before. The pathological issues of an impending pandemic plague, ice age, meteorite impacts, insects; and, a host of other major effects upon the general habitat of Earth.

In the recent past we have witnessed the enterprises of Biosphere I & II { now co-managed via Columbia University }; which were built by Edward P Bass; and, preceded by the initial designs of Biosphere III by the Russians in the mid-20th century.

The sciences and humanities are now, more than ever before, challenged to join forces with finance and governance in order to create environments for survival through wiser choices in civil engineering, health care and nutrition, recreation, education; and, business ethics.

Again, Gaia-Watts - as leading member of the SVS.group; and, linked to L.I.F. - perceives and advocates that it has an established capacity to bring forward past practice; and, lodge both energy[ 2, 3, 4]and water resources [ 5] with sound financial business protocol in order to site the 700 SVS projects in Canada; while, also, bringing forward a future population of eager intellects and entrepreneurs from around the world; through which to establish an international network of leading health care, nutrition and medical technologies and skills { both historical / traditional and / contemporary ; and, futuristic } ; while, through this process creating a whole new phalanx of civil engineering skills, sustainable resources and projects.

The key is to link

  1. Energy, Structural, and Water Resources to the
  2. Consuming Marketplace, with
  3. Acceptable International Financial Sources being in place; and, through which to provide
  4. Traditional and Contemporary Business Techniques to accommodate both the development and operations stages of each SVS project; which will be
  5. A Closed-Loop, Self-Sustaining, Green Energy Human Habitat

Our group of businesses and entrepreneurs has been advocating and developing toward the now and existing full scope of SVS since 1960. We endorse the principles of the Kyoto Protocol [ 1]. And, today, we are able to say unequivocably that there are existing, known sustainable green energy resources in Canada; and, acceptable sites outside of the established core of major populations, through which to establish our proposed 700 projects; and, through which SVS will establish a national and global network of similar self-sustaining, closed-loop habitats that will survive the onslaught of advancing extreme climate changes.

It is critical that we are prepared to establish those bridges between traditional indigenous nations and the ever evolving contemporary venue of corporate privateers; and, therein for us all to be involved in universal Two-Wampum / Gus-Wen-Tah dialogue.

And, the invitation is open ... and, we are hopeful of the future and survival.

Respectfully, RC Goodwin, President & CEO / Gaia-Watts / GPU / IMH / L.I.F.associate

Copyrighted : Gaia-Watts, SVS.group, L.I.F. 1960 - 2008

GWE-SVS.group establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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