P1- Factor IPO
Intent To Declare

Good Morning, My Name Is Ralph Charles Goodwin. Esq.   lifeonearth@shaw.ca

I was born in 1946; educated in Canada; and, became registered with the UN Security Council in Year 2002 as a global energy developer. And, I speak on behalf of Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd .

My intent is to declare the matters as below through the honour obligations of a Viking – to be Truthful; to approach as a Friend; and, to be Peaceful.

I am in search of a Third Party who would accept the burden of becoming the wealthiest group or individual in the world. I will provide the strategy for the financing, technologies; and, the resource & product development practices.

These are proven issues. And, they arise from our specific business ventures since 1960.

The key is the right to manage a proven & viable resource through a business template with a current economic value greater than USD$6-trillion. I will provide these skills.

And, the following is composed with the intent of detailing the methodology of economic independence through sustainable parochial commercial enterprise.

As an incentive to encourage this said Third Party to enter into productive dialogue, the following offer is irrevocably tendered:

  • Any Third Party who can prove [ as to be determined by a mutually agreed upon arbitration panel ] that what is being advocated through this P1-Factor Disclosure Document [ P1-FDD ] is contrary to wise, ethical and viable economic /  environmental; or, social policies of a mixed economy nation; then, this advocate Ralph Charles Goodwin, Esq. will vend into a Trust Foundation established by that Third Party the entire 50-Year legacy of documents, strategies; practices; and, ancillary information that will provide the ability to develop this P1-Factor independently.

Thank you for considering the following Points & Issues- which will detail the Risk Factors; the Benefits; and, the Obligations.

Opening Declaration

The commercial opportunities and stratagem as detailed in the following brief have been garnered and honed through the scientific data arising from an origination document published by the Province of Ontario, Canada in 1925.

The application of international expertise and in situ practical practice has afforded the opportunity for engineers, bankers, lawyers, scientists and entrepreneurs to develop a series of business ventures that caused an accruing log of progressively improved development of natural resources. And, in consequence, there arose a successful strategy for competing with depleting fossil fuel resources in the generation of electric power.

The progressive nature of the business practices led to a wider, evolving commercial and environmental protocol that therein came to include the fields of:

  • Nutrition & Health Care
  • Alternative Building Materials
  • Transportation
  • Sustainable-Renewable Green Energy Alternatives: Solar – Wind - Geo Thermal & Biomass; plus
  • Establishing viable labour-intensive industry and commerce

On the environmental side, the business protocol established an ability for local communities to develop independent sustainability; plus, to exceed the Kyoto Protocol by ameliorating impacts on the ozone depletion.

Truthfully, our objective was to create influence on the redistribution of wealth; to provide a template that empowered local communities to negotiate directly with the international financial sources; and, therein, relieving the governments of the burden of underwriting segments of projects.

We were concerned with the evident question of integrity and accountability of the private sector – of dishonest stock manipulations; fraudulent business reports; and, a closed ranks old-boys-club mentality.

And, through this examination process we developed this progressive commercial strategy that encompassed four critical global factors:

  1. Depletion of arable lands to be supplanted with closed-loop, hydroponic greenhouses, with accelerated CO2 environments
  2. Depletion of fresh water resources; and, the control of fresh water resources by business groups that are creating barriers to access
  3. Expense of upgrading existing electric power infrastructures; I.E., the obvious need to replace transmitted power grids with in situ generation systems: fuel cells and superconductivity; and,
  4. Creating a wider opportunity for basic education; including strategies for financing university and trade schools; plus, entrepreneurship start-ups: thereby, assisting the continuum of paradigm shifts in creative logic and the development of new technologies and academic theories.

GWE-SVS.group establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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