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Executive Summary
Wealth Accumulation

Wealth accumulation serves the general purpose to establish a capacity to initiate further economic action.

Gaia-Watts' intent in these regards of wealth accumulation is described in our Mission Statement; which states that we are a corporation whose protocol is the accumulation of sustainable-renewable "Green" energy resources; which are then assigned in blocks toward the capitalization requirements of the projetcs.

The Net Revenues are developed through the business of the closed-loop anaerobic electric energy production and distribution; the biomass production of the Bio-Cells / accelerated-CO2 hydroponic greenhouses; and, the critical Bio R&D Academies.

Atlas Of Canada [1] ; Map [2]

Gaia-Watts has selected the Biomass Energy Resources P1-Factor as the primary component for the electric power generation. These resources are available in most provinces; with existing evaluation established through our specific engineering reports and such other agencies as the  Geological  Associations [3] in Canada [4].

P1-Factor Resources : anaerobics : which are tabulated and published by national and international geoscience bodies [5] have formed the principal Gaia-Watts interest in acquiring the most secure and voluminous energy resources; both in Canada and within the international marketplace.

The Trigeneration templates developed by Gaia-Watts and associates during the last 40 years provides environmental, economic and technological evidence that labour-intensive industries can be competitive and leading in the energy fields - especially, when combining the greenhousing entity into the program.

Therefore, in this Triplex of electric power - greenhouses and the R&D Bio-Sciences Academies - the generated Net Revenues of the Bio-Cell Greenhouses become the primary revenue generators. The electric power plants are secondary; while the revenues fromt the bio-science centers will vary according to the new intellectual properties and products that are developed.

Biomass Fields - things which grow - are the natural storehouses of solar energy.

Gaia-Watts has developed a program for host communities that provides a vehicle for attaching secure energy resources to each project; while also including a comprehensive recycling program into the Humanity Garden.

The P1-factor resources in Canada - converted into BTUs [ British Thermal Units ]; and, then expressed in energy terms of barrels-of-oil equivalents -represent 6-trillion barrels of oil.

Bloomberg Today - June 15th, 2007 - a barrel of crude has a value of $68USD; natural gas posted price is $7.92USD; and, electricity is selling @ $69.46USD / megawatt hour : see, IEA, OPEC; and, SINOPEC.

P1-Factor Bio-Sciences are the fundamental energy resources that Gaia-Watts incorporates into the business plans; with other tertiary crops - such as switchgrass, industrial hemp; and, bullrushes - fullfilling a wide inventory of secure and variable resources for the energy plants.

The core vehicle that is built into the structure of the project management sections provides for internal financial decisions to be vetted with the understood ability to seek capitalization through the general international funding communities [ banks, insurance companies; and, other lending houses ].

Gaia-Watts [49%] Joint Ventures with Host Communities [51%] that have formed societies or foundations; therein, providing for a higher degree of Net Revenue distribution directly back into community needs - and, also ensures that the ownership of the project remains within national / regional parameters.

Professional Money Management skills are developed at each project; with the intent that when Gaia-Watts withdraws from the Joint Venture @ Year 10; then, the remaining management team of the Host Community will qualify to continue the capitalization transactions with the international finance houses.

At Year 10, the original capital costs will have been retired through the disposition of the annual Net Revenues; and, therein, the Host Community will then possess 100% of the capital and energy assets. The energy assets will have a value in excess  of $1-billion; and, the Trigeneration Facility will have the depreciated value of the original $150-million cost.

In Canada, 700 Host Communities will be encouraged to enter into the LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens private, health care, closed-loop cities program.

Health Care, in a world of accelerating senior populations for the next fifty years : UN [7] : has become a critical concern in the matters of affordability. Retiring peoples will be required to dispose of their accumulated real estate properties - and, to liquidate other assets - in order to afford health care services and accomodations.

Longer lifespans will see compulsory retirement provisions disappear; as the smaller youth populations will not be able to fill employment rolls. Tax bases will accelerate beyond the capabilities of the existing national population of Canada. And, existing immigration policies will be amended to permit a variety of unique provisions for continuing financial support of governance and the network national, provincial and regional infrastructure services.

Gaia-Watts' proposed closed-loop, private health care cities [ LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens - LHG ] provides for a 30,000 population; which services international clients for medical / health care / nutrition needs.

The capital costs [ $9-billion / LHG ] is funded through existing immigration investment provisions. And, each of these private cities is developed outside currently populated zones.

The intent, here, is for Canada to establish a leading, international reputation as a capable and unique health care provider and research zone.

Alternative, Green, Sustainable-Renewable Energies are the guiding principles in selecting electric power generation technologies. Gaia-Watts' intent is to establish CIGAR carpets and photosynthetic fuel cell systems into the selected P1-Factor CH4 energy resources in order to utilize their anaerobic sustainability - and, in consequence, qualifying for Carbon Transfer Credits by reducing ozone depletion and establishing carbon sinks through the crop and silvaculture programs ... therein, providing additional revenue streams.

Wind technologies [ both HAWT & VAWT]; solar, and, geothermal fit into the matrix of sustainability resources that are incumbent within the Tripartite Paradigms. Research and Development of knowledge in magnetic and gravitational power systems is derived through the in situ research academies.

Savonius Rotor OY Windside:[8]  : illustrated.

The silvaculture program also acts as a bursary source for families to establish a legacy of capital for maturing children who are seeking financial support to enter into business; or, to continue with university.

Summary, accumulated wealth only bears meaning when it is kept active.

Accumulated wealth, reinvested into the development of new knowledge ensures a continuum of survival opportunities.

The sharing of this accumulated wealth through reinvestment; in bursaries, foundations, loans, grants, subsidies, business retooling, etc also ensures that we will continue to entertain ourselves along this road of discovery.

Greed is the overwhelming factor that prevents individuals and nations from enjoying a higher degree of cooperation and mutual security.

Investment vehicles / bodies of evaluation and the capacity toward decision-making provides the opportunity for paradigm shifts in economic principles to continue to evolve in a capacity to reflect the changing needs of the community.

Gaia-Watts - as a representative of a biomass Group of companies - invites individuals , communities and boards of other companies to examine the role of ethics and investment in environments of conflict and diminishing resources.

Today, with extreme climate change unfolding in a rapid fashion throughout the world, it is imperative that a consensus dialogue of friendship develop and be maintained between nations and peoples.

Harnessing sustainable-renewable energy resources, developing a capacity to produce and harvest nutrition; and, the evolution of a wider degree of herbal health care resources is essential in a compassionate environment of nation-building : where all nations are cooperating in securing a future.

May wisdom be with us all - and, at all times may friendship, peace and trust guide our decision-making.

 Respectfully, The Board Of Directors

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