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Public Eyes

"Public Eyes TV is online as an environmental news and research information portal attempting to show and tell environmental truth to as many people as possible who can use this information in local  environmental fights around the world.  If enough local battles for the environment are won then this will add up to a change toward a better world - a sustainable world "

Public Eyes : ; GAIA-WATTS

BC Biproducts Association

 UBC : : new entity being formed through University Of British Columbia

Facilitator : Richard D. Hallman, P.Ag.
Industry Specialist, BioProducts and Special Crops
Industry Competitiveness Branch, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries; c/o University of British Columbia, 336-2357 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z4; Phone (604) 822-7918 Fax (604) 822-2184; E-Mail:

Note : Bioproducts Canada :

Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.
"EFN started growing in 1996 around Bruno Comby (author of 8 books on healthy living, and environmentalism) after the publication of his book "Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy" and his participation in a number of TV debates on the subject, in which he was opposed to Thilo Bode, the Executive Director of GreenPeace International, and to other anti-nuclear organizations. Bruno Comby's communication about the environmental benefits of nuclear energy for the environment resulted in threats, anonymous phone calls and indirect attacks. He was made the object of insults which were not always of a peaceful nature, rather surprising coming from individuals and groups whose anti-nuclear views are based in their professed concern for peace. The positive side of the story is that people gathered around Bruno Comby to defend and promote his point of view and to create EFN, an international association to promote nuclear energy for a better and cleaner planet in a calm and rational manner.

EFN considers that environmental opposition to nuclear energy is the greatest misunderstanding and mistake of the century.

If well managed, nuclear energy is a very clean energy, does not reject polluting gases in the atmosphere, uses very few construction materials (per kWh) compared to solar & wind energy, produces very little waste (almost totally confined), and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect (no carbon dioxyde).

For EFN, true environmentalists should therefore be in favor of nuclear energy. EFN works at informing the public of the environmental benefits of nuclear energy, the cleanest energy resource massively available.

Our belief is that more efficient uses of energy, and self sustainable lifestyles should be promoted on the long term, and that in the meantime renewable energies and nuclear energy should totally replace the use of oil, coal and gas, wherever possible.

EFN unites people throughout the world who are concerned about the future of our planet and want to keep it clean and protect nature, thanks to the use of nuclear energy and renewable energies in replacement of oil, gas and coal.

EFN currently gathers about 5.000 members and supporters, with local correspondents in 30 countries, on all five continents."

International Association for Energy Economics
IAEE: "The International Association for Energy Economics was founded in 1977 in response to the 70's energy crisis. We are a worldwide non-profit professional organization based in the United States, which has members in over 70 nations, who strive to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and issues among professionals interested in energy economics. We actively seek those who are interested in energy economics and those who shape opinions and prepare for events which effect the energy industry.

As our main objective we want to provide for the mutual association of persons interested in energy economics in order to create a forum for professional, multinational discussion and to provide a means of professional communication and exchange for these persons. To achieve this goal, we publish two periodicals. "The Energy Journal" is a quarterly, academic publication available to all members, and for purchase by nonmembers through our site. The IAEE Newsletter delivers the latest information on the association, and contains articles that appeal to a general audience interested in the energy field. Both of these publications can be reviewed in greater detail in our publications section.

In order to meet our association's objectives, we also hold an International Energy Conference each year. Past meetings have taken place in cities such as Rome, Quebec, New Delhi, Budapest, Washington D.C. and Copenhagen. These conferences attract delegates and speakers from around the world, and from some of the most influential government, corporate and academic circles. "


EarthToys seeks to provide the means for the alternative energy industry to report on itself. This is an open, unbiased resource. Visit to see what has been accomplished for the home networking and automation industry over the last nine years.

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