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Global Climate Change & Survival

As we continue to evolve on Earth; and, therein, to consume the richness of its resources, we shall witness change, and, wonder about our role in this process : [1] ; [2]

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Within the arguments of climate change - the cause and effect - we shall hear prophecies of the demise of existing industrial complexes; and, the prognostications of oil energy resources to 2050  [3];[4]   plus, the new discovery announcements.

Climate change [UN] [KYOTO][nb & nb2 ;n3 ; n4], as a re-occuring event in the evolution of this universe, creates a sense of chaos for the protocol of military / political / religious / humanitarian / environmental communities. The Old World & New World Orders clash with the advent of technologies that now bridge the historical gaps between continents.

And, now there is an emerging sense of dialogue arising between the "top-downs" - the "hierarchical aristocracy" and the "bottom-Ups" - the " Bon Bums".

This "snooker" game of Life-On-Earth sustains a dis-equilibrium of economics for commerce and industry. Consequently, there is a continuous provocation of this unholy marriage of convenience between Malthusian, Keynesian; and, Deming principles.

Our universe, being a convenient habitat for our essence of spirit and form, will continue to progress through its natural life cycles, until - in the end - everything will turn to iron .

In between this time of now and the end, we shall enjoy a continuous array of ingenuous flourishes of curiosity. And, we might even endeavor to speculate these matters with a breath of humour.

When we realize that our best endeavors will not alter the course of the universe; then, with the comfort of humility we shall witness a more precise window of undersanding.  The NASA team :   : that was created to determine the likelihood of life forms on Mars eventually led to the publication of the "Gaia" by Pr. James Lovelock [JL-1] [LM-1] .

Life On Earth is clinically defined through the terms of Phylogeny  which provides us with the understanding of our biosphere.

The three domains of life are classified within the elements of being either

  1. viruses 
  2. bacteria
  3. archaea, or
  4. eukaryota

So, here we have a classic science phenomena that poets describe as being  expressed through the love of souls :" Elizabeth Barret Browning, in her "Sonnets from the Portuguese: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the length and breadth and height my soul can reach when feeling out of sight for the ends of being and ideal grace." [5].

Shamanism [6] includes descriptions of the practise of talking with plants; through which we may come better to understand how we might breath with nature in this conspiracy of life.

Nutrition and body health - being a combination of a good spirit and the harmony of Yin-Yang [7] ; and, herbals [8]  may guide us in our quest for health in body and good practices of sociology.

History contains many lessons for us to examine; as the Islamic medical history demonstrates [9]  .

The western world of body health - nutrition and physical sciences - is a relatively new art in the skills of healing. And, as a general population, the world is just beginning to fathom the essences of life and its complexities. The global science community is vigorously striving in competition to offer explanations for balance between the efforts for longevity and the realities of a life ending through the diseases of aging. Perhaps, simple appreciation for each day is a good start.

Transportation of food products historically occured through various interantional agreements like the World Trade Organization's [10]  GATS [11]  - G.A.T.T. [12]  &  NAFTA [13] .

The expense of transporting  from region to region versus generating a higher level of parochial self-sufficiency :" America now accounts for over 25 percent of the world's oil consumption, about 17 million barrels of oil per day. At the same time, we produce only 13 percent of the world's total. Two-thirds of the oil used in the US goes for transportation. The US gets about 40 percent of its primary energy from oil." : [14]

Electric Power { Mwe } is a key component for industry to continue to produce goods and sevices. Currently, in the United States, an average of 60 % of generated electric power produced { 3.719 trillion kWh (2001) } is consumed by the commercial / industrial sector [15] [16]; [17]

The Union Of Concernd Scientists has produced a Clean Energy Blueprint [18]  . And, their Energy 101 site  publishes references for moving closer to a sustainable-renewable energy nation.

The IEA { International Energy Agency } monthly publications [19]   detail global consumption statistics.

Gaia-Watt's TTP© LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens projects are Land Stewardship initiatives that strive to establish a central "green" energy asset base that may be used to leverage changes in the global interest in establishing more parochial, regional sustainable-renewable electric energy projects - princiaplly, arising from the carbohydrate industry; rather from than the dwindling hydrocarbon resources which could be used for other purposes.

Currently, Gaia-Watts can identify three global regions which each possess biomass bases that have proven potentials of developing the equivalent of 6 trillion barrels-of-oil biomass BTU equivalent "green" in energy. This energy can be developed into electric energy power @ costs

Additionally, the known methane emissions of rice fields [20]  may be harnessed for parochial electric energy power - therein, further enfranchising indigenous areas.


The Mission of Gaia-Watt's TTP© LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens is to provide a trigeneration vehicle - the private cities - that will survive global climate change. Extreme engineering techniques [21]  ;    : - such as those of Shimizu: [22]. 

Biosphere I & II ;and, the IGBP [23] exemplify the growing awareness of establishing survival cities.

The three principals of available energy, nutrition, and, fresh water will dominate global economies; especially, during the onset of the demographic bubble of aging populations that will require extended health care.

Rationalization of social norms and prerequisites will create chaos in asset ownership as climate change evokes paradigms of changing ideologies about matters such as the public interest versus commercial dominance.

Safety in private domains will evolve to become a key to survival.

Necessity is not the Mother of Invention " { Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) } "Invention ... arises directly from idleness, possibly also laziness - to save ones self trouble."

And, Cicero { 106 BC - 43 BC } said, " A mind without  instruction can no more bear fruit than can a field, however fertile, without cultivation ".

Perhaps, "Bon Bums" and the hierarchcial estuaries will survive through mutual necessity. And, therein, produce an array of new intellectual environments that speak to the issues of humanities graces of Gus-Wen-Tah mutual and flowing Peace, Friendship and Trust.


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