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Hello ! Thank you for visiting our website. We believe that with a little bit of patience, you will become comfortable with our multitude of GWE LINKS. These are included with the strategy that you will require a series of  Searches and Discoveries of the many references in order to find our level of credibility to suit your needs.

Quite simply, Gaia-Watts builds self-sustaining private cities - with healing center hospitals as a principal mission; and, with a core facility as being the bank. We develop electric power from sustainable resources. And, we advocate electric transportation. We believe that banking should be affordable; and, with an irreproachable good ethic.

So ... !   Enjoy, And, thank you for visiting our website and those of our immediate associates. Regards, Pathfinder Yuxwuletun

In Populace & Foresight  : ENERGY : In 2011 We move forward in our IP  Agenda to concentrate on the Electric Universe [please, see Thunderbolts of the Gods at Youtube and Blog]. This focus relates to our primary Mwe Template; and, further, embraces the central  Plasma Energy R&D division that is so fundamental to Gaia-Watts' Business Plan for both the micro Earth-1 objectives; as well as, the macro Earth-2 intergalactic Plasma Universe exploration models and the Global Time Clock.    

The Power Of Green Energy  : Sustainable Energy News : International Mag-Levs Board : Energy Economics : UN Environment & Energy : Nutrition : Environmentalists For Nuclear Power : Cosmology & The Universe : Discovery Channel Worm Holes : Truth About Climate Change : The Dogon Tribe Of AfricaGlobal Farming Futures & Survival : Council On Foreign Relations : Think Tanks : Non-Governmental Organizations : UN News Center : UN World Food Program : Human Rights For Children :









Dec 2010 : Climate Change Agreement Reached : (1) : UN Officials :

DEC 2009 : COPENHAGEN CLIMATE CONFERENCE : Summary : Canadian Military & H2O.Ozone Healer

TUBETA TS'ENA (Water Is Life)


IIIBInternational Immigration Investment Bank: GLOBAL

The For-Profit Humanitarian Foundation : IPTCC  (see DIFC2)         § ¥ ¤ ETHOS

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$ Energy $ Health Care $ Public Bank Of Canada $ Logistics $ The Americus Root $ Biomass R&D $ Extreme Engineering  [Note Kurokawa] Of $Finance$  $  Carbon Capture $ $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $: Fairness In The Matter Of Eminent Domain; Food & Climate Integrity. UN REGISTRY 2000




Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd. [ GWE] [ I ] [ II] [ III] [Planner]  presents a trigeneration template for consideration by the private and public sectors.

We are Stewards Of The Land [ nb]. And, we are extreme engineering response developers; founding our core SVS initiatives through the IMLC connectors; developing Wealth Management Protocols, Gaia-Currency; and, the IIMH. YPS2007 is our Fusion Energy statement.

Wealth accumulation and distribution as a for-profit humanitarian organizaqtion is our primary ethic.  And, surviving disasters -such as our contributions in Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund -  is critical.

Our industry is based upon engineering and scientific knowledge that has been publicly promoted by federal and provincial governments since 1925; technologies developed in the 1940s provided commercial reality toward eco-socio-economic development.

Canada possesses 1/2 of the inventoried global volumes of the P1-factor resources. Cogeneration , Trigeneration , conservation engineeringClosed-Loop , Sustainability , Eco-Friendly , and, For-Profit Humanitarian are terms to associate with Gaia-Watts. Another way of spelling "Gaia-Watts" is "R&D"a ; with an application of the scientific method and sound ideas. These are among our engineering resources [see: Engineering Search Engine ]

Gaia-Watts is the lead corporation in the SVS.group; which has evolved through a series of private and public companies since 1960; and, also, manages communications for L.I.F. LifeOnEarth INrichment Foundation (originating)

Please, see also: L.I.F.foundation . Additionally, we are an entertainment enterprise and collaborating with International Financial Associations [ see 1-a; 1-b] ; with MWe sustainable energy programs - incorporating the P1 Factor [2]. MWEpubco defines the 2007 -2030 development phases SVS-PPP>. Hope is a canoe. IIIB is the International Immigration Investment Bank.

We generally refer to our company as Gaia-Watts. "Gaia" - derives from the Greek word for Mother Nature: While, " Watts" relates to electric power "wattage" or, " It is the rate in joules per second at which energy is being converted, used or dissipated" : Dr. James Lovelock  [ IV] [V][ VI]  represents the fundamentals of the Gaia-Watts environmental mission. Mwe

Our links express the wide evariety of our core land stewardship and biomass interests. And, we do encourage people to consider all four corners of the Gaia-Hypothesis, Daisyworld.

We do issue Press Releases. And, we perform Due Diligence. CT642 is our 2009 site. Biodiversity is our ethic.. The lives of your grandchildren depend upon your decision-making today. We are Greenpeace activists. Note: Public Domain PPT: Fuel Cell Analysis.  




TTP © LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens are closed-loop private human habitats - cities - that are designed as " survival" modes[ 1][ 2][ 3][ 4] . We highly recommend that you consult our "Flushing Protocol"2 site. The TOUCHSTONE Committee <TC75 website> [CT Advocate Services]; Techniques of ColonialismLawspeaker: oversees our obligations <Without Prejudice & Moot Courts> and comitments to ETHICS and Rules of Natural Justice. In fact, you may want to join an evolution ! Population matters.Empowerment via One. Elections 2, too. Note: Plurinationalism and, The News Digest is SEND.


Survival is represented through the traditional and contemporary ability to produce the principal elements for sustainable energy production; nutrition and health care; and, structural materials - while also ensuring the development of new intellectual properties.Our goal is to include new ideas like Shimizu Corporation's pyramid city. Patents like those of Aqua Landsis are important for us to review, consider and incorporate.

Providing habitats that will withstand extreme climate change is our core business initiative - we understand the evolution that is unfolding globally in these matters of forthcoming population migration and resource conflicts. Parochial survival is key [ 5] [ 5b]. SVS cities are Holistic Healing Centres. The SVS-IHHI is the template project. And, this health care function strategizes with our Global Humanitarian Bank  in order to accomplish a healthy working atmosphere. **JDFG**

Tribal Tapestries(1) assists us in disclosing our great conspiracy with Gaia. Also, there is Trust , STT; Two Row Wampum ; Strawman Illusion ;Long Tears Index :  Earth-1 Central 1[PowerPoint] and, Yuxwule'tunSpeaker-1: First Citizens; and Hulquminum: Band Land;and,  Americus: The ROOT. While, How Dumb Is Stupid is our reality check, with VOICES & Hope; Soto Nations Appeal Addendum. Allodial land title is a core legal claim premise: see, also, Allodial Possession Registry HQ; and, brubysam4cowichanchief2009; Day School Survivors Class Action; and, BLOGCENTRAL. The ICE evolution of governance is offered forward as a fundamental template to both individual state nations; and, as a global model for the successful application of democratic principles as integrated with stewardship rights and duties of land titles and resources in conjunction with just socio-economic humanism.

Research Links are critical; and, ever-evolving. And, your brain is our destination; and, the international intellectual property law pursuit is the song that we seek. Note: LifeOnEarth Central HQ : Political. RCG Formations establishes a unique fee schedule with third parties. And, SIEM'STUM / Respect establishes the balance. And, learn the 48 laws of power - to be forewarned and for understanding; not to apply.






The Mission Statement is a combination of macro and micro economics; wherein we construct a principal dedication toward contributing to the ever expanding knowledge bases of Earth's resources and the management policies that evolve in developing or preserving these gifts of nature. There are Big Numbers.

$150-Million capitalization is the standard  TTP© financing package; 300 full-time employees; with a  $1-Billion energy resource asset base. SVS Debentures are a critical path to funding these ventures. <see EXCEL> ; and, the SVS-IHHI Power Smart Card / Application Form.

TTP © LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens are private, closed-loop specific- project cities; generally, scheduled as health care habitats; providing health care services within the land stewardship programs. Each of these private health care cities houses a 30,000 population of clients and working staff.

Please, visit our International Indigenous Law Studies - The Marvin Stark Institute

"Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get"


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GWE-SVS.group establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


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