Welcome !  GAIAVANA  is the Health Division of our sustainable Green Energy Corporation Gaia-Watts. At this webpage we will begin to introduce you to our choice of natural products provider QIVANA. This is a tremendous moment in this 50+ year history of our business growth; as we now improve the unique amenities of our SVS-IHHI villages. Do not be hesitant about questioning how this association with QIVANA will add tremendous potential to our Mission to bring affordable electric energy to your homes and businesses; and, to be major providers of Healing Centres / Hospital throughout the globe. We constantly monitor our services through our DDT oversight unit. And, your reflections / criticisms, positive alerts and recommendations are always welcome. Again, thank you for reviewing the following introductory information. And, please, explore our GAIA-WATTS LINKS / BLOGS - including, YouTube ... Please, see, also, our Multimedia ; Updates and Facebook pages.

Understanding the Chinese concept of the immortality herbs and the sanskrit in conjunction with the product information in the QORE System of QIVANA introduces us to the nutritional health programs of this company : ESSENTIALS  / DETOX / PROBIOTICS / DEFENSE.

An instrinsic facet of GAIA-WATTS' SVS-IHHI program is to be a leading provider of modern era health and wellness in combination with the historical benefits of traditional medicines and practise.

Hence, with Gaiavana incorporating Qivana into its Global Wellness Group of products and services, we are abe to advance through a paradigm shift; namely, by treating the issues of human diet and illness as being fundamentally the conjunctive issues of environment, genetics and nutrition (including those medicinal toxins that we have developed . or, continue to harbour from the long history of human quest to heal through cultivation of herbs and spices, et cetera). N-O (Nitric Oxide) is the current empirical mission to stabalizing the human physiology's battle with the obviously corrupted body of a significant volume of our current processed foods.

 GAIAVANA has assembled several interviews by Third Party sources [like Jeff Maughan / 09]. Maughan is not attached to Qivana; he interviews from a critical, consrtuctive point of view. And, it is Jeff's observation that : " “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment… …[and] your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” David Patrick Lee is another "interviewer"; whose MLM advice links are worthy of review.

 Nutrition and health wisdom is as much an art as it is science. We all make certain habitual / compulsive choices in our daily election of certain "foods" or chemicals to injest. Substance abuse is generally a common feature of all cultures. And, we also choose to ignore, in most cases, the public edicts of the World Health Organization - or, those publications such as the World Bank / Nutrition Reports (A). We all remember that mom always said : "EAT YOUR PEAS!". Each year, across the globe there are circa 4 million children who die from malnutrition-based causes. IF is our "Intgerity of Foods" division; where we constantly monitor our election of endorsments or collaborations. In this matter of QIVANA; we are confident that we have taken the right course of action in decising to invite them to march along with us as we continue on our agenda of establishing a global netwotk of hospitals and wellness centres through the financial support of our sustainable green Tri-Generation energy power programs. Please, make a quick review of this attached Global Population Clock - it is interactive . try several categories : i.e., illnesses (Note: @ Foods : Globally, we slaughter 18 Billion chickens per year).

At Qivana, Derek Hall is one of 5 founding parties that incorporated this wellness company in 2009 (SEC). in 2010 there were about 12,000 subscribers; producing revenues of approximately $5 million. Most surviving prosperous MLMs achieve at subscriber population of between 200 - 800,000 within 10 years. Qivana is populated at the Executive Level with apparent significant competence at the leadership chairs: (source : Business for Home) / including, a qualified Advisory Board.

Derek Hall is CEO and has served as President and CEO for Nature’s Way, Botanicals International, Integrative Therapeutics, Unigen USA and Univera. In addition, he served as Vice-Chairman and CEO of ECONET, Inc.

Rodney James has served  as Director of Product Marketing at XanGo, Director of Marketing at VM Direct, and Director of Sales at NuSkin. Rodney has managed all aspects of a brand that includes nutritionals, personal care and internet technology.

Devin Glazier has served as Senior Financial Analyst at Novell and Senior Director of Finance at XanGo, Devin sharpened his management expertise in many key areas, including financing, investment, cash flow, acquisition, budgeting and forecasting.

Justin Banner has served as VP of Strategy and Development at XanGo. He was also a member of General Electric’s prestigious leadership development program and before that served as Market Research Manager at Tahitian Noni International. Justin has extensive experience in all facets of the business operation, including strategic planning, marketing, R&D, international development and customer service.

Craig Johanson has served as VP of Marketing at XanGo and Senior Brand Manager at Tahitian Noni International, Craig has developed hundreds of products worldwide.

The MLM (Multi Level Marketing industry) is active in more than 150 countries, with millions of distributors producing more than $100 billion per annum in sales. China is one example of a massive country just opening up to this MLM corporate protocol /note disclaimers and successes & Amway's entrance (China's population of millionaires is greater than the population of California or Canada : 30,000,000+). Early and current entrants into the MLM wellness market include : Shaklee (1915/1956); Avon (>$10 B/yr). There are more than 60 million websites worldwide. Take a look at the SRI-2010 Report : $2-trillion in global sales. Caveat Emptor : the vast majority of MLM subscribers will earn <$500/month net. So, WHY bother? Well, winners are usually full of self-belief; and, they possess tremendous skills of perseverance. Gaia-Watts has been in business (under a series of evolving companies) since 1960. We know OUR Mission - and, it is a BIG one. We believe that we will be winners soon! We started winning seriously some 30 years ago by signing 4 25-years Purchase Agreements (with rollovers) within 90 days, which required $500-M in capitalization; would produce a combined $50-million per annum gross / $12-M net; employing a total 1200 people fulltime; and, possessing >$8-B in energy resource assets. YES, we know how we will be successful in coming into this agreement with Qivana - we know where Gaia-Watts and our associates will take this Gaiavana-Qivana Agreement. We believe in good health an nutrition for all children and, we know that you do as well.

As CEO & President of Gaia-Watts, I commend you to review these following GWE LINKS  / Trade & Commerce briefs / UN INFO / IIIB: GWE / TC site / Tree / blogs (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) and presidential commendations; Chevron enviro that will explain some of my commitment to our Mission-2011 and global agenda. We have often been under-anticipated. That's good. We look for the realistic opportunities in evolving and proven marketplaces. We are especially good at Due Diligence and transparency / accountability. And, we are committed to this : salus populi suprema est lex : the right of the People is the supreme law. Due process / rules of natural justice, environmental integrity; and, global / individual duty of care to lands and resources stewardship as the key to survival with honour. And, again, please see our Multimedia  site.


Being that wise steward of our ethics, our physiology; and, societal duties incurs considerable sacrifice - but, for an especially good cause - securing a future for this LifeOnEarth / Life Against Death / The Mobius Loop ... Cyclist on Klein Bottle





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