CP3 SVS-IHHI Agreement
2007 Signatured Contract Establishes Closed-Loop Facility


Land Stewardship & Wealth Mangement Through A Holistic Ethic



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Hul'qumi'num' : Tatul'ut tthu Hul'q'umi'num'

PHOTO MEMBERS : UPPER Left to Right : CP3 Member Wallace Elliott; STT Board Member Leo Peter; CP3 Chief Negotiator Ric Kuecks; Gaia-Watts President Ralph Goodwin   LOWER left to Right : STT Chairperson Ruby (Alphonse) Peter2 ; CP3 Member Leo Alphonse; Elizabeth Charlie; Not Pictured : (Left) STT Due Diligence Bernadette Sam; and, (Right) Lawyer Peter L Gordon


                                                                                               STT Due Diligence Bernadette Sam                      P1-Factor                           Lawyer Peter L Gordon (rt'd)


Mission Question : Does the inclusion of Embassy Houses at Coast Salish Quw'usun' Quamichan Territories create the best opportunity to attract immigration and investment into the Survival Villages Systems - International Holistic Healing ? And, can the development of these SVS-IHHI Cities meet the demand for survival in the face of on-coming extreme climate changes that will cause 100s of millions of peoples to migrate toward higher ground ?


Theory : The unfolding of the current extreme climate changes will require global co-operation of historically hostile nations to convene an international, reliable Mag-Lev logistics / transportation network to move people and products over the next 100 years. Today, citizens need to envision a universal learning ethic; through which to develop and share intellectual properties / knowledge to become good stewards of the land. Certainly, within 200 years, Earth's people will be travelling throughout the universe. But, there will be a remaining population that will choose to live in balance with Earth's natural potentials to sustain life here.

It is the responsibility of all Peoples to reduce the traditional distrust among nations; and, we are duty-bound to ensure that our children and Elders may live in relative comfort and security.

The topic of ownership of real estate and resources is fundamental to resolving the traditional battles between Peoples, corporations and alien governments. Allodial property claims as primary / paramount right appears to be logical by reason of original birth right. The state should only acquire right to land through negotiation with each individual. The historical economic practice of nations creating debt-based economies through leveraging the labour-potential of the citizens eradicates both a sustained, affordable economy, as well as disenfranchising the individual citizen of a security created by birth, may be a model now extinct. Perhaps, citizens will enter into mutual interest conspiracies for positive ends.

Summary : The endorsement of the Gaia-Watts CSQQ SVS-IHHI program into a universal application will ensure (A) a stable, affordable nutrition crop source, (B) acceleration of consolidated learning curves in all sciences and humanities, (C) develop sustainable, renewable green energy resources, and, (D) through the adoption of the ICE governance template, create a world-based ethic of governance that will not be based upon the creatures of greed. In essence, the absolution of corruption.

Petition : To All Nations : (A) to establish Embassy Houses with CSQQ / GWE via the ECHO.csq; (B) to invest into the IIIB Immigration Investment SVS-IHHI Program; and, (C) to endorse the development of the ICE governance charter amendments for Canada as an equitable settlement of the outstanding dispute between Trade Relations versus Treaty between Crown Elizabeth II and allodial title holder indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North / Canada.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 

This SVS-IHHI Agreement with the CP3 Holders Group establishes the Gaia-Watts obligation to transform the JUB Open Sewage Lagoons Facility into a Closed-Loop Mega Hospital Holistic Healing Complex Electric Power Enterprise; which incorporates the clinical remediation of these liquid waste treatment ponds into drinkable water resources that may now enter the heritage Cowichan River without the contamination issues that have plagued the Duncan / District of North Cowichan JUB Facility.


Cowichan Valley JUB Open Sewage Lagoons                                             TUBETA TS'ENA  Is The Dene Nation  Film Production By Alex Czarneki          To  Expose The  Water Contamination At The Athabasca Tar Sands Projects. The JUB facility does not have federal Canada authorization to operate on the properties; and, they have refused to vacate since being delivered the trespass notice in 2007. The JUB facility operates on a Canada Indian and Northern Affairs [INAC] reserve named Cowichan Tribes. An essential matter in the dispute regarding occupancy is the absence of a Treaty Between Elizabeth II and the CP3 Allodial and CP Title Holders. Conflict of laws have established a legion of legal arguments; that now are being submitted by GWE to the UN Credentials Committee; with a likely application proceeding through to the UN International Court of Justice regarding sovereignty and paramountcy issues.


Gaia-Watts has offered to the JUB and Canada that the prevailing law for dispute settlement would be the International Chamber of Commerce - JUB has refused; Canada has not replied. Prevalent in this dispute matter is the question of the legal capacity / jurisdiction of the INAC Chartered Cowichan Tribes [a coalition of seven traditional state nation territories]. The CP3 Title Holders are traditional hereditary Peoples; who do not recognize Elizabeth II Canada as having established legal capacity in these Coast Salish Territories [which have been indigenous governed for 10,000 years; and, never having vacated these governing rights; nor, abandoned these territorial lands; and, not having lost jurisdiction through war].


The questions of law have become central in establishing a fair and equitable resolve to this JUB v Gaia-Watts dispute of access to the land; and, especially, the remediation of contamination of soils, air and waters. And, it must be remembered in this context that there is a lasting legacy from the Indian Residential School  Victimizations of Indigenous Children (1) (2) (3) (4); which occurred through the travesties of the archaic Papal Bulls of Terra Nullius that created a colonization mind-set that influenced the formation of Canada through the confederation of provinces; and, the eventual inclusion of Canada into the League of Nations (note Chief Deskaheh appeal to the League in 1923); plus, being a unending member of the United Nations. Indigenous Allodial Title v. Crown Title is the core of this JUB dispute. 

               The Crown continues its campaign to divest Coast Salish Peoples of the entitled land rights; which now becomes a Petition to the United Nations HRCICJ and WCTPeace Trust Friendship : Gus Wen Tah : was the credo of indigenous Peoples who welcomed European corporate explorers. And, the practice of these trade enterprises became a privateering biological terrorism; eventually, leading into the Indian Residential Schools; whose mission it was to cause the demise of indigenous culture and governance through programs of cultural genocide [change the children to adopt western European practices : note that Anglicanism was similar to Catholicism regarding the two fundamental Papal Bulls : Inter Caetera () and Romanus Pontifex () / adopted in England and incorporated into the Anglican Church through the Supremacy Acts]


                                                                                        .........Gaia-Watts has contracted to :

  • Simultaneously convert the JUB Facility into the Closed-Loop SVS-IHHI
  • Establish the IHHI : International Holistic Healing Institute [1 of 600 planned for Canada]
  • Produce electric power from liquid waste and to provide Smart Card Power Credits to sources as a program initiative to convert logistics / transportation over to electric vehicles
  • Utilize this Duncan SVS-IHHI program as the primary template to bring similar projects to more than 600 First Nations territories across Canada as the fulcrum for launching the Mission to produce 10% of North America's electric power demand [which increases @ 3% per annum]
  • To utilize the IIIB immigration investment programs to ensure Canada's continued strong GDP growth in the face of declining population bases [20% loss within 20 years]
  • Invest all net revenues into the Bio-R&D Facilities; which will develop photosynthetic and plasma-based technologies for energy; and, to serve as the Global Central Program for Biomass R&D; and,
  • Ensure that the intercontinental Mag-Lev network is developed in conjunction with the SVS-IHHI programs

In 2007 Gaia-Watts issued a Vacate Notice to the JUB - which they have declined to honour; and, Canada has refused to intervene, even though they claim governance jurisdiction on behalf of the Crown Elizabeth II. The $4-Billion loss claim relates to the business loss at Duncan [$3-Billion investment to build the 30,000 population SVS-IHHI].

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GWE-SVS.group establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


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