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16 Jun 2005

The following is a copy of a recent invitation transmission to the Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association to enter into dialogue with Gaia-Watts and the in the matter of their potential interest in examining the proposed advantages of offering our Survival Villages Systems program to the review by parties who may wish to immigrate to Canada.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 2:05 AM
Subject: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Extreme Climate Change Survival Villages

My apologies for writing to you without a previous introduction.
If our information is correct, Victoria's Chinatown district is the second oldest habitation area of Chinese immigrants to North America. And, there is evidence that Chinese sailors came to North America's west coast in 499 A.D. - and, 72 years before Columbus.

I am respectfully seeking your assistance in discussing a matter of immigration with the CHINESE CONSOLIDATED BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION { CCBA }.
Please, note that we are not seeking investors or donations from the CCBA.
And, also, thank you for noting that the offices of the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of BC have been apprised since year 2003 of these evolving Gaia-Watts / programs.
While our program has evolved since 1960; the Year 2005 was chosen as our Declaration Day due to the Kyoto Accord receiving global endorsement.
The Chinese economy and citizenry is our first international overture out of respect for the great challenges that now are upon the government of China and its populace, therein. And, we appreciate the historical good relations between Canada and China.
It simply seems most appropriate that China, as a nation which has lead so many historical events in the world, may now also consider that it citizens may also lead as pathfinders in this new venture of Survival Villages.
We would trust that China's participation in this Survival Villages program would serve as a worthy example for other nations to consider; and, therein, come forward to participate in with Canada.
Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd - as a lead member of the - has developed a template through which it desires to provide an acceptable portal to bring 20-million new citizens to Canada.
While this large number of new citizens initially appears overwhelming, our business program proposes to accommodate this influx of new citizens in a cautious manner which provides dignity and a sound future for the existing and new citizens of this nation of Canada.
Gaia-Watts' position in the matter of taxation is that this large country of Canada is underpopulated; and, that a significant growth of population will provide, obviously, a new tax base - but, more importantly, new skills and expertise that will create a vast array of new technologies and skills; which will invigorate our Canadian economy. While, the template for this program may then be adopted by other countries in a effort to ready one's nation for the extreme climate changes will are currently unfolding.
The SVS program is structured to ensure parochial strength in an economy.
The Gaia-Watts portal is organized in compliance with Canada's Immigration policies.
You are petitioned, herein, to consider a further clarifying discussion with this writer by e~mail or telephone, as below, for the purpose of establishing a determination by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association to consider entering into a prolonged and thorough disclosure by Gaia-Watts and the
Origination discussions would be non-committal and informal; followed by traditional and legally binding agreements.
Mister Marvin Stark, QC, as General Legal Counsel  would lead the development and submission of formal documents.
In summary the SVS program of survival villages is designed for a global response to five principal and impending crisis:
Again, thank you for reviewing this overture. Your time with this petition is appreciated. And, it is hoped that you will be encouraged to make further inquiries with us; or, that you would forward these matters to another person or agency who / which would more appropriately respond to us.
A response is appreciated within 10 days of this dispatch. Thank you.
In Truth,
Office of the President, Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd : Ralph Charles Goodwin
Lead Member :
cc: Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister, Canada; Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier, BC;President, UN General Assembly
Suite 202 -241 McKinstry Road, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada V9L 3L3
Business Telephone : (250) 746-4212; Business Fax : (250) 746-8155
All signatured documents are subject to legal advice                 Copyrighted: Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd / : 2005

Office Of The President : Ralph Charles Goodwin establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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