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Right Of Equity To Be Represented By Counsel
18 May 2005

Letter One: Petition: March 3rd, 2005

____________________ Petition For Clarification ____________________
In The Matter Of Fiduciary Duty Of Care Of The Crown Of England

The Head Of  State Of  The United Kingdom
& Head Of  The Commonwealth

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
Telephone (+44) (0)20 7930 4832.

E~mailed : 03-0402005

In The Matter Of
“ Until the end of the 17th century, British monarchs were executive monarchs - that is, they had the right to make and pass legislation. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, the monarch has become a constitutional monarch, which means that he or she is bound by rules and conventions and remains  politically impartial.

On almost all matters he or she acts on the advice of ministers. While acting constitutionally, the Sovereign retains an important political role as Head of State, formally appointing prime ministers, approving certain legislation and bestowing honours. ”  { Source Official Website Of  The British Monarchy }

  • And, With Regard To
    Fiduciary Duty Of  Care Of The Head Of  State Of  The United Kingdom
    & Head Of  The Commonwealth; specifically
  • In the matter of citizens of territories occupied by the United Kingdom & The Commonwealth – as arising through original warrants to merchant mariners and military forces in the territories historically known as Turtle Island : Canada and the United States Of America and Mexico; and,
  • Further, in consideration of a principle known as Gus-Wen-Tah; or, Two Wampums

March 3rd, 2005

Respectfully Addressed To The Interest and Response Of
Queen Elizabeth II
The Head Of  State Of  The United Kingdom   & Head Of  The Commonwealth

  • A Petition To Provide Adequate Care & Nurturing To A Ward Of  The State
    To Wit
    Indigenous Peoples Of  Turtle Island
    Canada and the United States Of America and Mexico

With Regard To The Aforementioned, Including, But Not Limited To
That the Head Of  State Of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth
shall forthwith provide a structured fiduciary trust to be made available individually to each indigenous person of this said Turtle Island : Canada and the United States Of America and Mexico through which each person so named , supra, may interview and select and be represented by competent and adequate legal representation in securing a resolute and acceptable decision of land entitlements and other relevant matters according to international law.

In This Regard, As Above, It shall Be Mutually Accepted
That the Head Of  State of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth does not dispute an historical obligation to absolutely and adequately protect the rights and welfare of deposed indigenous peoples of Turtle Island : Canada and the United States Of America and Mexico: as a matter of irrevocable fiduciary duty of care arising through colonization and occupation

  • Compliance Within Reasonable Time:
    It shall be agreed by the Head Of  State of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth that it shall forthwith – within 90 days of receipt of this notice - comply with this Petition; and, shall establish the said account provision ;            and, personally { through registered dispatch }advise each person so named as being an indigenous person of Turtle Island : Canada and the United States Of America and Mexico of the Terms and Conditions of access to the structured fiduciary trust for legal representation


  • Presumption:
    It is presumed that the Head Of  State of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth shall comply through duty of State with this Petition, forthwith; recognizing that indigenous peoples are entitled to an original state of respect; and, that it shall be the right of indigenous peoples of the Commonwealth, including  Turtle Island: Canada, The United States Of America and Mexico, to express grievance in jurisdictions of competence in the event of a decision by the Crown / Head Of  State of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth to refuse to recognize and comply with this Petition, herein; and, that it may be a consideration for relief to prosecute a petition for the assets of the Head Of  State of  the United Kingdom & Head of  the Commonwealth to be placed into trust during a fair and complete deliberation in a court of competent jurisdiction in these matters, supra

Your Majesty, thank you for considering and responding in a speedy manner by compliance to this Petition for care and nurturing.

At this writing, it is considered that this matter is confidential between the parties; and, that there is no advantage to either party to advise any media network of this Petition. And, in the event of a successful agreement being achieved by the Parties, there would then be an appropriate occasion for the Crown, et al, and selected representatives of indigenous peoples to attend and endorse a public document recognizing a Gus-Wen-Tah reconciliation on these issues of fiduciary duty of care of a public office

  • Your responding written communication is requested to be addressed to
    Ralph Charles Goodwin, In Trust
    Suite 202 –241 McKinstry Road; Duncan, British Columbia, Canada  V9L 3L3

Signed In Truth, as above

………………………………………………………. Ralph Charles Goodwin

cc:  General Legal Council
cc:  Indigenous Peoples seeking redress in issues of land entitlements / care and nurturing

E~Mailed & Delivered By Registered Post ( E&OE)

Suite 202 – 241 McKinstry Road, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada  V9L 3L3
Copyrighted : RCG : 2005 

All Rights Reserved        All Signatured Documents Subject To legal Advice
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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 7:54 AM
Subject: Good Morning, Ruby , Leo & Ron - ABOUT THE QUEEN's RESPONSE

Good Morning, Ruby , Leo & Ron

The Office of the Queen of England : Elizabeth II : has responded to the Overture Letter Of March 3rd, 2005; wherein I petitioned on your behalf that There is an original and continuing obligation of the English Crown to protect the rights and security of indigenous peoples of Turtle Island
against abuses that invade the peace and security of the whole of your lands.

The Queen, through her agent, has proposed that her constitutional Sovereignty protects her against peril of duty and creates an immunity against prosecution - and, that, therefore, the Petition for protection, as outlined in my March 3rd letter, is more appropriately considered by the
Government of Canada through the Governor-General's office.

I reserve the right to disagree with this advocacy of deferment.  And, therefore, I will construct
A letter of response to the Queen, advising her that there is now less than 30 days to comply with the Terms & Conditions of the March 3rd Petition; and, In the interim of waiting for the remaining time to elapse, I will now prepare a letter to the attention of the President of the General Assembly
of the United Nations and the General Assembly; wherein I will petition for an opportunity to present these colonial privateering matters to be considered worthy of a directive of compliance from the General Assembly & the Security Council for the Queen to comply with this reasonable and fair
petition of your right to be adequately represented by competent legal counsel at a court of competent jurisdiction in the outstanding matters of your land claims.

Your friend, Ralph Goodwin
Chair, Touchstone Committee {since 1975}
cc: Marvin Stark, QC; Peter Gordon, LL.B.
cc: Office Of Prime Minister Of United Kingdom :
Copyrighted: TC75:RCG:2005


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