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Energy Resource Assets Securing Capitalization Costs
19 Nov 2004


Asset Accumulation - the ability to secure capital for operations management & reinvestment toward technology upgrades - ensures maintaining the competitive edge.

Gaia-Watts principles of establishing and maintaining wealth: minimum of $1-billion / TTP(c) project

  1. Obtain an energy asset base that will be attached to the core business purpose
  2. Secure that asset base with the right to leverage its worth toward capital requirements of the project
  3. Leverage that asset base toward debt financing : $150-Million per 30 Mwe TTP(c) Template; which provides 300 persons fulltime employment
  4. Establish Power Purchase Agreements with AAA+rated Buyers
  5. Utilize only proven technologies; but, also, invest 15% of Net Revenues into an internal R&D technologies component
  6. Negotiate with national & international financial sources
  7. Create a closed-loop between the product, the distribution; and, the consumption
  8. The above commercial enterprises shall be structured to ensure that the Host Community will acquire 100% ownership of the TTP(c) Project within 10 years, as a maximum.
  9. The original commercial enterprise will be composed of 51% ownership via the Host Community; and, 49% ownership vested by Gaia-Watts [ who shall retain 100% decision making of the banking decisions during the formative first 10 years : during which time the Host Community will positioned to assume the professional integrity required to comply with national and international banking standards ]
  10. Fashion the corporate body through the TTP(c) Program; wherein, generated Electric Power provides the energy supply to the Bio-Cells [hydroponic greenhouses]; which will produce salad crops; herbals; and silvaculture [ as a sustainable-renewable energy factor; and, as the core of the Carbon Tranfers Credit Program ]
  11. All Net Revenues from the First Two Stages [ Mwe & Bio-Cells ]  are allocated toward the Bio-Technical R&D Academy - which is the Central Body of the TTP(c) Template : the development of Intellectual Properties in biomass / sustainable-renewable energy [wind-solar-geothermal-biomass]
  12. The disposition of the Annual Net Revenues Declaration [ the 51% owned by the Host Community ] shall be toward sustaining the Host Community in projects of humanitarian worth : education - arts - security of person - athletics; community infrastructures; fundamental to these programs shall be opportunities for families to establish vested funds toward advanced education and business development of children who have matured to an independent status  - and, finally, to the establishing of the Buy-Out Portfolio
  13. Gaia-Watts 49% of Net Revenues shall be allocated toward securing additional energy assets and projects. Gaia-Watts shall operate through the Project Management Contract : PMC : during the initial 10 years
  14. At Year-10; the 51% shall Buy-Out the 49% - as facilitated through its % of assets and Accumulated Net Revenues
  15. The commitment of the Host Community shall be to continue the enterprises within a society status: any digression from this commitment shall render a default of the ownership to Gaia-Watts
  16. The Private LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens Template - LOE [ 30,000 population, closed-loop survival cities; structured to be international health care facilities: caring, training; and, development of improved practices and technologies ] shall schedule the establishment of 700 LOEs in Canada; therein, providing an opportunity for Canada to be a global leading provider of health care / nutrition and new technologies & practices for health care sciences : combining traditional eastern holistic medical regimens with the evolving practices of western medical approaches
  17. Each LOE shall, additionally, function as a theme city : as to be determined by location, market opportunities and resources ; industrial / human services [ i.e., music academy; sports traing and competitons; auto manufacturing, agricultural crops generation and harvesting ]

The purpose of most commerce is to acquire wealth [ the ability to provide for one's family ].

Assignment of asset accumulation functions to provide lenders with the coverage of risk.

General sound business practices - ones which direct their ambition toward being secure in times of stress: an occurrence of downward market trends : will create an initiative toward operating within a stable financial position at all times.

Risk assessment generates the mode through which to determine the existing balance between seeking to continue to thrive within dominance of your particular market choice.

Redistribution Of Wealth : It shall continue to be the fundamental Mission of Gaia-Watts to provide a mechanism for Host Communities around the globe to enter into commerce through the TTP(c) Template. And, through this template, to provide a contribution to a wiser use of Earth's resources for the benefit of human society; and, life in general : to respect and honour the gifts of life; and, to enjoy its bounty in the absence of greed.

Gaia-Watts Board Of Directors establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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