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In The Event That One Should Fall
17 Nov 2004

The Gaia-Watts Board Of Directors wishes to express a note of hope.

The evolution of social order has included the critical management of fire; and, therein, the protocol for reacting to the events when fire is not under control.

Chaos management provides a series of structured provisos that will create an environment for surviving beyond the crisis.

The extreme climate changes that are unfolding before the eyes of the world are creating initial events of chaos that illustrate the immediate need to consolidate knowledge and resources for the public interest. The new cycle of hurricanes that are being witnessed in North America represents a "tip of the iceberg" ; and, noting the Marshall Report to the Pentagon : see MSN/NBC: predicting :"The water cycle ...higher air temperatures can increase water evaporation and melting of ice. And while water vapor is the most potent greenhouse gas, clouds also affect evaporation, creating a cooling effect" - this, apparently, is not the time in history to be a couch potato. Even Nostradamus would find the series of events that are about to impact upon global historical climate convenience with a wallop that will ricochet beyond the years of our great grandchildren.

Being alert, vigilant, cautious; and, communicative are modes of survival today. And, in that alertness will be fashioned several new commodities for human habitat - individual domiciles and the larger, private, closed-loop cities - ones that will attempt to secure privacy and safety; especially, for the more vulnerable senior populations that are evolving { in particular, the groups that have structured adequate retirement portfolios, and, are owners of paid-up mortgages: which will be leveraged in order to afford the costs of health care / specialized nutrition that will be necessary }.

Energy - the control of generation and distribution - harnesses the capacity to drive economies. The "fire starters" - as a hierarchical group - choose to massage the general public for the interests of shareholders / senior executive bonus plans. It is appropriate that leaders of industry and commerce are allocated the appropriate stipend: with the codicil that A FIDUCIARY DUTY OF CARE is incumbent upon board decisions; for, private and public entities are legal vehicles at the pleasure of the organized public - through the constitutional assemblies.

Ethics, fiduciary duty of care, accountability, honour, trust : these are the ingredients of a society that will prevail beyond the military and monetary machinations of the behemoths; whether they be houses of commerce / military / philosophy / or, religion.

Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd is structured as a commercial entity to encourage the "Bon Bums" - the bottom-ups - to prevail; to capture a ring on the ride that will ensure survival and prosperity.

We encourage discourse in a hospitable environment of vision; where patience is defined as "doing something else in the meanwhile".

A global opportunity of equity of opportunity for education and employment is possible through amore parochial protocol; where host communities are more self-sustaining. The LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens: SVS have been designed over a 40-year period by an advancing column of "on the ground" visionaries; who are committed to these elements of equity, public interest, the good administration of law and order; and, the assembly of peoples voices through representative legislative bodies.

The contribution by Gaia-Watts to these scenarios of survival occurs through the Trigeneration Tripartite Projects of "green" energy {Mwe}, hydroponic greenhouse {Bio-Cells}; and, Bio-R&D: Biomass Research & Development Academies.

Further, our business skills arise through the development of business plans, achieving acquisitions of energy resource bases; establishing turn-key contractors; providing resources to acceptable capitalization sources; and, project management.

The TTP-Template encompasses the structuring of Joint Venture business relationships between Gaia-Watts and the Host Community { who will form a society or foundation for the project. Within this Joint Venture is the provision of events wherein the Host community will acquire a 51% ownership of the TTP-Project @ Day-1; with Gaia-Watts owning 49% { but, controlling 100% of the business management for the first 5 years }. The Host Community will hold 100% control of the principal equity base - the energy resources - this is achieved without the Host Community indenturing itself : i.e., incurring debt load.

The vision of this TTP-Template began in 1964; and, was precipitated with research and development reports created through the federal government of Canada and the province of Ontario in 1925. The business template is garnered from several traditional, international schools of economic thought and practice; as well as, from the mandates that were created in the state and federal legislative bodies of the United States for the development of commerce and industry in the 550+Native American Nations.

Gaia-Watts enjoys a passion toward the jurisdiction of international law; in conjunction with the bodies of law that prevail and evolve within nations. And, we do perceive the creation of more international judicial bodies.

The delicate balance of international entities and their accountability to all regions of the global public will be more highly successful due to the existence of technologies that provide for instantaneous international communications. What the public needs to monitor is the management of these international communication networks - and, how they may invade the privacy and manage the rights of individuals.

Within Gaia-Watts is a public interest group named the Touchstone Committee {1975} - TC75; which has established a tradition and legacy of ensuring that a particular body of law called the quasi-judicial administrative tribunals [acronym: Judicial Review] remains accountable. TC75 examines issues from the football field to the International Court at The Hague. And, therein, attempts to ensure that open, public hearings are always provided. TC75 is currently preparing a position paper on the subject of military tribunals: fair and complete hearings within the rules of natural justice.

Therefore, in summary, Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd enjoys the flavour of a full life; one that intends on surviving and thriving. Parochial Host Communities are the field of interest for our Mission. And, we attempt to proceed through respecting the gifts of life as being finite; and, within the rights of all on Earth.

Merci, thank you, huy' ch qu' : respecting Gus Wen Tah

Gaia-Watts Board Of Directors establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages



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