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8 Nov 2004

Pr. James Lovelock  has long been a leading example for our corporate interests due to his publications with regard to "GAIA".
It is through this respect for Life-On-Earth that we have developed a corporate Mission that encompasses seeking to provide a working, breathing balance between hierarchical commerce and parochial sustenance.
We regularly refer to the work of Dr. Deming  as a respected academic in the field of mixed economies policies - and, of course, we regard the espoused principles of Malthus and Keynes as co-existing within this matrix of determining advances in human social policies: military / religious / finance / governmental.
Our business regimen began in 1964. And, today, we have evolved a mixed-economy policy which aspires to reflect the advent of significant global climate changes with the existing, progressive demise of key nutrition / health care elements  within the global marketplace: namely, the demise of arable farm lands; the advancing control of corporate dominance in the management of fresh water supplies; the elitism of advanced education; the hierarchical capitalization mechanics; the secondment of individual rights to the dominance of corporate governance;the restriction on advancing the development of acceptable sustainable-renewable energy resources and, the restriction on creating a flourishing environment for ingenuity.
Therefore, The Gaia-Watts TTP(c) Policy of Closed-Loop LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens reflects the opportunity for people on the ground : the "bottom-ups" - indigenous peoples {those who have established an historical pattern of habitat in  a given region} : to acquire and manage a significant and renewable natural energy resource, which may be developed within the framework of parochial self-sufficiency.
Before the turn of the twentieth century, people were born , lived and died within 50 miles of their birthplace. Today, the global sphere - and international / interplanetary environment is our homeland.
In Canada - which reflects a similar opportunity for global application -  the Gaia-Watts TTP(c) Program provides a mechanism for each LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens habitat to acquire sufficient water & energy to provide self-sufficiency for 100 years: during which time these "Gardens" will evolve a mechanism for continuum of self-sufficiency.
Marilyn Ferguson reflected the advent of global communication and its impact upon the evolution of human consciousness and creativity. And, Gaia-Watts has surmised that this 21st Century is a pinnacle period in human social order. And, further, we wish only to contribute information to this intellectual examination of cause and effect upon this Life-On-Earth; and, we wish to contribute to the influence of balance by providing an impetus for the "bottom-ups" - the "Bon Bums" - to thrive within this atmosphere of impending ingenuity.
The 20th Century saw the evolution of more working knowledge within 50 years than all of the accumulated knowledge of mankind in its previous history. And, that will become relatively insignificant in this 21st Century. The paradigm shifts of knowledge and its utilities will begin to overwhelm human capacity to adequately evaluate its course and consequences.
The "harnessing" of ingenuity through the TTP(c) LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens provides a global network of functioning and evolving "ingenuity" cells that will ensure the continuum of development and evaluation of cause and effect of BIOMASS. Each private, closed-loop city/ habitat will study, evaluate and develop the biomass within 100 kilometers of its site - and, that knowledge will be vended into a global knowledge warehouse - through which each participating habitat may acquire updates on this knowledge and the relevant technologies.
The aspiration of this TTP(c) Program is to establish a knowledge network that ensures human dignity, financial accountability and integrity; in combination with a respect for the limited natural resource that Earth can provide.
GAIA - Mother Nature offers us regular counsel - we need only to pause and listen.
Thank you.
Respectfully, Ralph Charles Goodwin
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Ralph Charles Goodwin, President, Gaia-Watts establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


LifeOnEarth Humanity Gardens

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