Holistic Healing Centres
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The body as a whole mechanism and its relationship with its environment

Gaia-Watts' Holistic Healing Centres are the operative core of each Survival Village that we construct and operate as a private entity.

The Survival Village Systems (SVS) is designed to function in an evolving series of unfolding leaves - as with an onion.

The Body Health is at the root of our capacity to produce goods and services in our social order. And, therefore, we develop these SVS projects as an enterprise that will meet the challenges of Earth's environmental integrity - we will anticipate extreme climate changes; and, we will develop habitats that will have an ultimate capacity to endure these extreme environmental challenges.

Fiscal wisdom of these Gaia-Watts enterprises serves as the core administrative tool. Ensuring good health opportunities for the citizens / employees of each Survival Village is the next wisdom leaf of these 30,000 population closed-loop private cities.

Being a forward-thinking enterprise, that invests its net revenues into R&D programs, will ensure the opportunity of the SVS Centres to evolve with changing market demands.

Like the Lovelock crew at NASA, we consider the Earth as a breathing unit; and, one that provides everything that we will ever require - and, that, as stewards, we must attend to its needs with good management of these lands, seas, and airways.

The Mind / Body / Spirit  and The Elements

The capacity of the human mind will always amaze us. And, we will be astounded how we will learn from all other forms of life and environment of Earth and the heavens.

There are an untold visions to be captured from imagination. And, as we discover the mapping of the mind's matrix of logic and emotion, then we will further come into the realization of the goals of human society and its place within this evolving Earth culture.

The elders of our global community need to share with the younger, more aggressive spirits of adults and children. There is this wisdom of accumulated knowledge that will depart over the next 10 -30 years; and, we shall provide teaching environments within the SVS cities that will harmonize the old and contemporary healing skills.

We, again, need to come into a positive conspiracy / breathing together will our host planet; and, therein, to find solace in hearing the whispers from the plants, the wind, the insects; and, all of the varied features which are sharing this house of Earth.

Learning the capacity of the human body to survive in harsh and inhospitable environments will prepare us for space travels, as well as ensuring that we will enjoy a healthy integrity here on Earth.

The Healer / Physician / Guide

It is our individual responsibility to be first our own physician; to use caution and wisdom to seek healing of our body and spirit.

Beyond our individual duty of care, then we shall call upon those whom we invest with education and training to come forward as healers and physicians.

The Gaia-Watts' SVS will strive to be recognized as trustworthy and competent academies of healing, learning; and, in the development of new technologies and applications of healing arts.

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