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Gaia-Watts has proclaimed a "Flushing Protocol" as the principal public initiative through which to attract general community participation in liquid waste stewardship.

Through this OECD international law 3P [ Polluter Pays Principle] Gaia-Watts has created a P3 [Public Profit Participation]; and, therefore, coined the 3P3 Flushing Protocol or Cha-Ching Cha-Ching [sound of coins dropping]. An example being that a new flushing handle will be made available to participants which will notify the contributor of a profit each time that a flush is initiated. It is anticipated that an adaption to participating toilet locations will permit a 3P3 Flushing member to record a contribution by inserting a carbon transfer credit card into an attached registered console on the toilet; which will provide them with the option of receiving the standard payment or lodging their product into a carbon transfer credit pool for later claim.

Canada is a member of this 3P environmental integrity program that is directed toward a section of law ethic known as the " Hohfeld Terminology"; and, which establishes a sequence of connections between a Right & a Duty. Gaia-Watts establishes cooperation through a profit motive directly attached to the FLUSHER. [see England 2010 "poop power" & Human Waste To Electric Power].

Today, Gaia-Watts is coordinating the business management of a sewage lagoon on a native reserve in Canada in order to establish a boilerplate EIA [Environmental Impact Assessment] regimen that may be implemented in both indigenous non-treatied regions and the mainstream of the Canadian community. As business development managers for aboriginal peoples who choose to direct the attention to both their reserve members and the three levels of Canadian governmental jurisdiction, Gaia-Watts' mandate is to establish a land stewardship protocol with substance and specific accountability. Science, technologies and existing intellectual properties will now establish a successful format between affordability, reduction of tax burdens and health care.

A Quebec-based corporation, with a matrix of proven applications of patents and technologies; including related water fixation procedures, will coordinate the establishment of the sewage remediation program in the for-profit 3P3 Flushing Protocol ; especially, where this partnership seeks to establish a link between the original FLUSHER and the end-stream market-driven products and services.

Combine this 3P3 Flushing Protocol {or, $$$BEFOREFLUSH} with advancing Phaging Biotechnologies; and, then perceive the entrepreneurship relationship between the flusher and Gaia-Watts as being parties who will manage the resource, while the public system collects and transports this waste to our processing serums plant. (see also: Phaging references)

The Quebec-based company conducting the Turn-Key sewage lagoon remediation initiatives, comes to the table, as does Gaia-Watts, with an entrenched commitment to establishing a wider public program of health care that is both Earth & humanity related.

These combined corporate ethics possess the drive and commitment to succeed in creating land stewardship in conjunction with the Survival of extreme climate change programs; especially, ones that reflect a comprehensive respect for the integrity of the legacies that we will leave for our children to inherit. And, being prepared to assume responsibility for our waste streams is fundamental to this truth ethic.

Next on the agenda are the critical issues as understood in the Capital Regional District of Victoria, BC, Canada; where currently they infuse 123 million litres of sewage per day into the ocean regions.

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