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This Time It Is The "Indian" Who Will Save The Wagon Train

The paradigm Thaw ... to incorporate ICE as a mission to survive these impending extreme climate changes that will see millions of people and wild life migrating from traditional territories and, it is now the right time to unfold the Gaia-Currency : The Survival Villages of SVS-IHHI ... and, the IIIB factor.

It has become so evident that the prevailing corporate governing bodies of the day - globally - do not intend to pay heed to these extreme unfolding geological and climatological indicators that are forewarning us of this doomsday scenario that will most certainly affect several billions of Peoples ... the most immediate extremes are the loss of fish stocks in the seas and oceans; the loss of non-toxic fresh water resources; air that is polluted with nuclear wastes; and, a global population shift that will witness nearly 20% of our aging citizens passing forward - a significant economic impact with both negative and positive effects ... In Turtle Island North {North America}, indigenous Peoples have a life expectancy of 53 years {the same as the European population of 1900}; while, India's population is nearly 50% under the age of 25.

Now, it is the Original Indigenous Peoples who will lead the way - as good Mother Earth stewards - not only due to good intent; but, due to a uniquely and historical spiritual relationship that ascends beyond the European colonialism and Terra Nullius : Oh, no one is home ! LEADERSHIP is critical.

A survival strategy has evolved for Original Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North [OIPTIN] - whose mission has been structured since the mid '80's ... one which understands the evolutionary commercial growth patterns that will rely upon electric power and the unfolding plasma energies that will now replace fossil fuels as our primary energy base stock.

Electric energy will grow in exponential volumes for logistics : transportation. And, biomass {things that growth and collect the Sun's energies} will experience a massive growth of technologies as the surface tension rules Henry's laws will shift in dramatic and positive tracks.

In simple terms, due to humanitarian and logical growth in the human social conscience, indigenous Peoples world wide will find that the formally reluctant colonial populations are developing a wider and wiser knowledge of the extremely negative impacts that are the result of such great growths in the commercial-industrial sectors.

This ICE template is a peace mission. But, most realistically, it is a self-preservation modus operandi. At the centre of governments around the world, we will witness the historical, customary and traditional Peoples of the territories assuming the critical central role in governing decision-making ... And, commerce and trade will accede to this paradigm shift ... Why ??? ... because, if they don't; then, they will not survive ... they will simply be ignored by consumers ... the elitist central planners are about to dissolve into a more universal intellect; where passion and rage enter into a good conspiracy of Peace, Trust & Friendship ... Naive ? ... No ... Look at the tree rings; smell the grass; feel the earth between your toes ... "ICE" is the Indigenous Council of Elders ... those folks who got to be old because they are smarter than the average bear.

Central to our "ICE" League are those folks who have learned the skills of talking to the wind and grass; and, who now are capable of what was traditionally called "alchemy" - the changing of elements from one primary into another; or, of combining non-related elements to create new species ... Our Elders have traditionally called this "shape-shifting".

And, now we integrate references to sonoluminescence and plasma resources; where the accelerated vibrations will unfold an atom or molecule; to permit remediation of a hazardous event; or, to grow things like gold ... Uh-humm ... Yes, today our scientists have decided to "growth" gold ...perhaps as others in history brought forward wine from jugs of water; or, changed staffs into vipers.

Do not be alarmed, our knowledge will lead us forward to confront this unhealthy Earth that we have so quickly infected with our waste streams. We, now, can convert those polluted fields and streams into biologically beneficial resources.

But, there is an evolutionary cost. The traditional banking and finance industries will need to convert to the new "green" dynamics ... And, the human is a heartless species, when confronted with survival ... archaic business practices will experience as speedy demise ... IF we continue to generate these "Idle No More" ethics.

The SVS-IHHI model that we have structured, ensures a central "ICE" role; with Original Indigenous Peoples benefiting with primary growth in employment, education, health care and wealth management for the Family Trusts and Foundations that will be established to ensure longevity of family and community.

Beginning in 1960, the evolutionary companies that are now the singular Gaia-Watts, recognize this extreme climate change as the primary effective element in this unfolding of the next unique civilization model - the universal being.

It was not hard to recognize. Scholars advised us that the principal tool for survival is intellectual Properties - coalesced wisdom packaged into new widgets and gadgets /survival spades. And, the most beneficial business choice would be to structure industry to be labour-intensive ... give people a job to do; and, provide them with respect ... the net benefit is that you achieve a dedicated employee; whose mind grows exponentially with their sense of comfort ... quite contrary to the traditional economic theories of Malthus; who professed that you must always starve your employee just a little bit, to ensure that they will not become lazy; therein, deciding not to come to work because they have become too comfortable ... Toady, we are perhaps, a little wiser ... an employee who has a vested interest in the business provides far superior returns to the company, as opposed to the Malthusian model.


Feb-02   Calculations - P1 Factor Energy Resources                                 Prepared By: CROW // RC GOODWIN
2002                                Not A Public Offering
Page 1              
  Engineering         Per ton Per Ton
  Report         $0.40 $20.00
Province In Place Field Volumes In Tons [bbls of Oil]   In Situ Value MWe-value
Ontario Yes Hearst 100,000,000     $40,000,000 $2,000,000,000
Ontario Yes RRvr 12000000     $4,800,000 $240,000,000
Sask Yes JB-1 100,000,000     $40,000,000 $2,000,000,000
          Totals $84,800,000 $4,240,000,000
Notes To GRID     Resource Production Total Sales/Mwhr
1) Delivered Cost of Electric Power $3.00 $5.00 $8.00 367.92
3)         Annual Value Value
        Mwe Hours Per Kilowatt Hr Per Megawatt Hr
Therefore Where generation capacity is @ 30 8760    
          100000000 100000000  
      Hours Dollars P1 factor P1 Factor Gross
  MWE Kilowatt Per Year Per In Situ Mwe Energy Revenue
        Kilowatt Hr Value Value Per Annum
  30 30000 8760 $0.022 $40,000,000 $2,000,000,000 $5,781,600
  30 30000 8760 $0.032     $8,409,600
  30 30000 8760 $0.042     $11,037,600
  30 30000 8760 $0.052     $13,665,600
Explanations P1- factor Resource Evaluations      
      _________________ Peat Resources Required Per Annum _______________
{1-Ton Peat=1-bbl oil} 1-Ton/bbl 10 Mwe 20 Mwe 30 Mwe 40 Mwe 50 Mwe
      10 20 30 40 50
Required Kilowatts 1000 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000
  TONS/Yr   100000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000
    $/KwHr _____________ Gross Revenues Per Annum Per Megawatt Size ______________
Gross Revenues @ $0.022 $1,927,200 $3,854,400 $5,781,600 $7,708,800 $9,636,000
Gross Revenues @ $0.032 $2,803,200 $5,606,400 $8,409,600 $11,212,800 $14,016,000
Gross Revenues @ $0.042 $3,679,200 $7,358,400 $11,037,600 $14,716,800 $18,396,000
Gross Revenues @ $0.052 $4,555,200 $9,110,400 $13,665,600 $18,220,800 $22,776,000
% 23 $/KwHr 10 Mwe 20 Mwe 30 Mwe 40 Mwe 50 Mwe
Net Revenues     @ $0.022 $443,256 $886,512 $1,329,768 $1,773,024 $2,216,280
Net Revenues     @ $0.032 $644,736 $1,289,472 $1,934,208 $2,578,944 $3,223,680
Net Revenues     @ $0.042 $846,216 $1,692,432 $2,538,648 $3,384,864 $4,231,080
Net Revenues     @ $0.052 $1,047,696 $2,095,392 $3,143,088 $4,190,784 $5,238,480
Cogeneration Plant ONLY 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000
Capitalisation Costs/MWe 10 Mwe 20 Mwe 30 Mwe 40 Mwe 50 Mwe
Based @ $750,000 per Mwe $7,500,000 $15,000,000 $22,500,000 $30,000,000 $37,500,000
Based @ $1,000,000 per Mwe $10,000,000 $20,000,000 $30,000,000 $40,000,000 $50,000,000
Based @ $1,500,000 per Mwe $15,000,000 $30,000,000 $45,000,000 $60,000,000 $75,000,000
Trigeneration {Mwe-GH-R&D}          
Based @ $2,250,000 per Mwe $22,500,000 $45,000,000 $67,500,000 $90,000,000 $112,500,000
Based @ $3,000,000 per Mwe $30,000,000 $60,000,000 $90,000,000 $120,000,000 $150,000,000
Based @ $4,500,000 per Mwe $45,000,000 $90,000,000 $135,000,000 $180,000,000 $225,000,000
Feb-02   Calculations - P1 Factor Energy Resources                                 Prepared By: CROW // RC GOODWIN
2002   Confidential                          Not A Public Offering


Page 2              
  Statement Of Expenditures In Relation To The $12-Million USD Asset Acquisitions
Section Category   Explanation   Cost Accum Cost % of Total
  Per Project            
A Field Studies Energy Resources      
  30-90 Days a1 Engineering Reports $100,000 $100,000 19.8%
    a2 Permits / Licences $1,000 $101,000 0.2%
    a3 Staff   $22,500 $123,500 4.5%
    a4 Transportation   $9,000 $132,500 1.8%
    a5 Accomodations   $9,000 $141,500 1.8%
    a6 Leases   $25,000 $166,500 5.0%
    a7 Legals   $5,000 $171,500 1.0%
    a8 Accounting   $5,000 $176,500 1.0%
    a9 Publications   $1,000 $177,500 0.2%
    a10 Support Data   $2,000 $179,500 0.4%
    a11 Communications $3,000 $182,500 0.6%
    a12 Independent Lab Analysis $5,000 $187,500 1.0%
    a13 Public Hearings   $5,000 $192,500 1.0%
    a14 Power Purchase Negotiations $5,000 $197,500 1.0%
    a15 Host Community Negotiations $10,000 $207,500 2.0%
    a16 Bank / Finance Negotiations $200,000 $407,500 39.7%
    a17 Turn Key Contractor Negotiations $5,000 $412,500 1.0%
    a18 Miscellaneous Expenses $5,000 $417,500 1.0%
    a19 Error Factor @ 5% $20,875 $438,375 4.1%
    a20 Taxes 15% $65,756 $504,131 13.0%
Section One ________ The Trigeneration Template prescribes the following prerequisites: 10-50 Mwe
1a Energy Block to be a minimum of:        
  i) 50 years of energy resources      
  ii) BTU values of 6,000,000 per enrgy unit      
  iii) 100,000,000 tons/bbls enrgy resource volumes    
Section Two  ________ The targeted enrgy fields in Canada are located in each province and territory
2a Land mass as target block        
  i) 270,000,000 hectares{ 2.471*270,000,000}= 667,000,000 acres  
  ii) Volume of electric power to generate @ 10% {=100,000 Mwe} of North American market
  iii) Field studies to be completed within 12 months of commencement  
  iv) $12-Million USD will secure unclaimed resource fields + joint ventures with other fields under
    third party ownership        
    I.E: Field Crews Expenses Negotiations Third Parties Total
  $12,000,000 Canada 10 Development      
Acquisition Budget   $2,380,333 $2,201,808 $5,236,732 $2,181,128 $12,000,000
      19.8% 18.3% 43.6% 18.2% 100%
      Acquire Time Cost Of Total In Situ Total  
Budget $12,000,000 Canada Months Acquisitions Value Energy Value  
      12 $12,000,000 $1,920,000 $6,000,000,000,000  
          $1.9 Billion USD $6-Trillion USD  
Prepared By: CROW // RC GOODWIN          






December 10th, 2012


Introduction to Pawnee Nation Peoples of Oklahoma





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