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Please, permit me to introduce you to a business proposal: “There’s Gold [2] vs [3] In Them Thar Wastes” : $GAIA$

Basic Statistical Information [see] : Waste Stream Volumes [4] – The Facts

·        Basic Production Per Person Per Year In The USA : 1600 pounds / 725 kilogrammes <4.4 pounds per day>

·        By comparison, An elephant will produce approximately 164250 pounds of waste per year

·        In Canada, Facts : in Canada per year there is 8 Million tons of  hazardous waste per year <addendum>

a)     Canadians produce more garbage per person than just about any other country in the world. The average person in Ontario generates a whole ton of trash a year

b)     Landfill sites account for about 38% of Canada's total methane emissions. Methane is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas that carbon dioxide.

·        The average person uses 200 gallons <908 litres>of water per day

·        Victoria pumps 120-million litres of raw sewage into the ocean PER DAY ; Surface Fecal Coliform levels at times exceed recreational standards by over 1400% (2900CFU/100ml);


Our central planning forum the SVS.group <including Gaia-Watts> offers the following for your consideration and response:

1.      Your solid and liquid waste streams from your home have economic values

2.      You are both very conscious of land stewardship

3.      We wish to be your agent of choice <assignee> to bargain for an economic benefit that may arise from the acceptable use of this waste stream



·        The SVS.group recognizes that existing and evolving technologies and stewardship practices makes it possible to mitigate all waste streams in our contemporary communities – I.E., landfills and dumping of waste into water areas <oceans> is not conducive to positive environmental management

·        Additionally, there is a wide range of business choices for waste stream products; and, we believe that the existing public debate in the Greater Victoria Region and associate communities warrants a higher leverage from the individual citizen and taxpayer

·        Specifically, we suggest that, through our business program, we will secure an economic advantage for you arising from the production of waste that the three of  you <including your companion OSKA> generate.


In the event that you are interested in exploring this concept with us; then, please, simply reply to this email with an affirmative YES, we wish to enter into non-committal discussions, with the objective of achieving a satisfactory, and mutually beneficial agreement from our waste stream.


Again, thank you for considering this matter.


Addendum: We have submitted a proposal to the City of Victoria; proposing that they enter into a collaboration agreement with us. To date we have received responses that these matters are under consideration – but, there is no apparent intent to enter into sincere dialogue.


Our mission – through your positive responses -  is to secure the majority of Greater Victoria and Region clients into this Land Stewardship and Waste Stream Management Platform <colloquially named $Gaia$>; and, further, that this same program will have a wider application through the leadership of your city.


This offer is meant to provide you and your fellow community members with a direct economic leverage in determining how various levels of government will be required to respond to the commitments to good land stewardship from its citizens.


Friendly Regards


Office of the President: Gaia-Watts : Ralph Charles Goodwin [rcg]

Suite 202 241 McKinstry Road, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada  V9L 3L3

Telephone  (250) 746-4212    Facsimile (250) 746-8155

Email  gaiawatts@gamil.com

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