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Humanity In The Wake Of Katrina
31 Aug 2005

Today, August 31, 2005 - as we try to comprehend the impact of this natural disaster Katrina [1]; and, its affects upon humanity - there is sound reason to pause and consider how populations respond and do not respond to disasters. This $100-Billion cost will get worse [F][FA]

Certainly, we can easily recall the tsunami which struck so devastatingly in the Indian Ocean [2] on December 26th, 2004; and, then caused ricoheting grief such as famine [Fa map]; disease [Da] and loss of shelter [3].

The test today will be to witness the global response to the United States stabilization and recovery actions that will be needed following the Katrina storms and impact.

Humanism rises above politics, theology, colonialism and militarism - and, like a phoenix, the advances of human culture so often require tragedy before healing.

The millions of citizens affected in the USA, today - while astounding - will pale in comparison to the other preceding and more vast social and humanitarian issues that prevail throughout the majority of the world.

Globally, 10 Million [4] children and adults die of starvation per year; there are 800 million hungry people in 70 developing countries - of that 500 million are located in Asia and the Pacific region.

The 2002 total annual economic loss from disasters in the world was $70 billion [5]; 9% was covered by insurance. The UNFCCC reports [6] that, from 1950 to 1998, the climate change costs globally per year has accelerated from  [7] $20 billion USD to $60 billion.

So, how do we rationalize the Katrina grief in relation to other existing disasters tonight ?

It is quite simple, really ... We respond as we may - with compassion and stat.

Canada, as a neighbor, has a capacity to offer speedy and relevant emergency and long-term relief.

Gaia-Watts and its associates { & L.I.F.} - as Canadian private enterprises - have existing corporate Survival Villages programs which can Joint Venture with American citizens to form revenue and asset projects which can serve to offer hope to individual citizens, who, now are without the ability to envision an ability to recover.

And, through these mutual enterprises, environment will be healthier.

The President Bush's Office offers a premise that the recovery costs from Katrina will be in excess of $30 billion.

The combination of Gaia-Watts' SVS programs and the accelerating consumption energy markets { in combination with the foreboding doom arising with regard to health care, home ownership, and, the demise of individual pensions } provides an opportunity to see Canada continue its GDP growth; while also providing a vision of future for its neighboring American friends.

Gaia-Watts has submitted communications to media outlets [8][9] in the US on these matters as an advance to a formal submission to the President Bush's Office and those of the impacted Gulf Coast states.

Dialogue is invited.

And, through these L.I.F. SVS ventures, there is the opportunity to reach out to those individual disaster victims - and, provide a leaf of hope.

An MOU with Gaia-Watts through citizen-based L.I.F. foundations established in each state will initiate a more comprehensive relationship between Canada and the USA. And, with the cooperation of both nations, a successful international recovery SVS enterprise can serve as an indicator template for other nations to examine in establishing a global phalanx of the SVS projects as a leading extreme climate change engineering response.

On the economic side, the existing SVS-objective energy Canadian resources vended into the scheduled 700 projects will establish in excess of $700-billion USD sustainable energy assets - even before the tertiary annual incomes are incorporated into the full scope of the revenue opportunities.

Gaia-Watts advances these guidelines to recovery from Katrina through its original humanitarian principles; which have evolved through our corporated enterprises since 1960.

Respectfully, Office Of The President, Gaia-Watts


President, Gaia-Watts, Ralph Charles Goodwin establishes parochial, closed-loop green energy 30,000 population survival villages


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